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Cracka McNasty

Black Ops 2 Panther Emblem

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I have neither the skill nor the patience to even try.

I thought the same thing, but I got creative, didn't do the entire logo and surprised myself and now I can proudly wear my Panther logo as win that free-for-all.

Took me less than an hour.


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Some of you might remember, but I made a Panthers Black Ops emblem a few years ago found here:

Well the new Black Ops came out and I found out I had even more layers to work with. The following is my best attempt at the panther's logo. I kind of did a Hybrid between the old one and the new one, might not be perfect, but I like the way it came out:




Just thought I'd share because everything else about the team just seems really depressing.

Pretty awesome bro. I play BO2 all the time. I'm (SCAR)Grayd-aye. Friend me, we'll play ground war.

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