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Seriously.. Does anyone think Rivera is just cursed?

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I remember a while back hearing that when Rivera was in San Diego they always suffered from injuries on the D, in particular the LB corps. But then look at all that has happened under him. We are 0-12 at coin tosses this year. We blew a 8 pt lead against the Bucs with 58 seconds left, how is that even possible? Injuries upon injuries, 1-11 in games decided by a TD or less. The cutting Kasay, the huge contract to Mare only to cut him months later. The Medlock debacle, the Nortman being the worst punter in the league, we replace Medlock for shanking just 2 LONG FGs, we replace him with a guy that missed a PAT.

I really think for some reason Ron Rivera is just cursed and brings nothing but bad luck. Why? Beats me. Maybe he tortured animals as a kid, maybe hes a druglord on the side, maybe he cheats on his wife with hookers. Who knows, but what I do know is despite what other terrible teams go through, I higly doubt they have gone through a debacle quite like this.

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When you coach in a manner 'not to lose', losing eventually makes itself welcome. Thats how I look at it. No he's not cursed. He needs to be more aggressive and not so predictable when the game is on the line. Fire your best bullets, win or lose go down or prevail firing your best bullets. Don't leave room for people to come after you because you lost a game in passive fashion. Best coach I ever had gave us the green light to make aggressive mistakes..... you can live with those... less people can fault you for that. Atlanta game was a perfect example....

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