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Haven't seen any...

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-Hatin on Hardy threads in a while (5 months)

-Hatin on Lafell threads in awhile

-Hatin on Kuechly threads in awhile

-Hatin on Bell threads in awhile

-Hatin on McDermott

-Hatin on Captain threads in awhile

-Rivera is stoic threads I have seen.. although I didn't see any of those last season (isn't that odd?)

It has been awhile (5 months) since I've seen some

-Lovin on Rivera threads

-Lovin on Chud threads (don't lie, you were one of them too)

Does anybody really think they could build a successful sports team by pulling complete 180's every 5 months?

Be thankful that you and the huddle have no input over this team, or else we would be much, much worse.

I am warning you now.. Rivera will be back next year and you will be on his nuts. Better practice stuffing your cheeks now cuz those suckers are big.

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Shouldn't you be game planning instead of wasting time on the huddle, Ron?

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Hardy blows. I need 12 FFP out of him to make the playoffs. He came up 2 sacks short against Foles. Not to mention, the Eagles were handing out fumbles like candy and he couldn't even get me 1.

Cut him. Trade him. I don't want him back.


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It never fails, someone always has to be 'that guy' that brings poo like this up.

-Yeah, it was Rivera's first season as a head coach last year and we went from 2-14 to 6-10, an improvement. Sorry for perhaps getting too excited about that.

- The offense went from dead last to a top 5 unit, another improvement. Once again, I apologize on behalf of everyone for getting fuging excited about this as well.

-Hardy wasn't bad, but people had high expectations for him.

-I might be wrong, but I don't really ever remember seeing anyone hating on Kuechly, maybe just upset that we used the pick on him (guess what, it turned out to be the right fuging pick).

Now onto this season:

-Rivera has looked like a clueless statue most of the season and hasn't seemed to have improved his time management and coaching decisions in the slightest (so no, it isn't odd that you are seeing the 'Ron is stoic' threads).

-The team has shown up and looked completely unprepared at times.

-Chud completely changed the offense and took him over half the season to finally start phasing out the read option (yet he still throws it in way too much) and has come off as a stubborn idiot playing Madden in a skybox.

-Hardy has been beasting.

-Bell has vastly improved.

-Captain has been money for the most part. Promote this man to Major Munnerlyn or something.

-Lafell has proven to be a decent receiver.

If you don't want to see fan feedback then don't visit a fan discussion board.

So please, STFU.

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We just met, and this might sound crazy...but here's my number, so call me...maybe.

is it sad that i'm in my 40s and got that?

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