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Camolina Camthers?

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Is thia what our teams come down to? It seems like cam is the only reason people are talking about this team and it got me thinking... Should we rename to the Camolina Camthers?

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I feel you bro, I really do. I used to love coming in here, finding a variety of topics about all aspects of the team. Now its borderline mind numbing. I love we have Cam, I really do, I love sporting his jersey and love thinking we actually have a future at the QB position, something I haven't felt since day 1. but your not going to change the board, how many fans you think are here for the Panthers after their records latley? I would guess less than 50%. That means more than half this fanbase is a Cam fanbase.

Do I care? No not really, I love more popel cheering on my team. What is anooying though is teh fact these fans expect too much of Cam and don't realize this isn't college and it will take a team to win. What is annoying is the fact that if Cam ever leaves, most the fanbase will too. It sucks you can't critisize Cam without being a hater, but I'd rather be labeled a hater than a fan of only Cam, because I am a fan of the Panthers.

But whatever, you have to get over it, I like to just make smartass comments and move on.

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Should they rename Washington the RG3's?

Cam has much more followers with aarongant expectations. Much more, since he almost single handedly won it aall in college by himself.

But I get your comparison and it makes sense.

I think once we start winning, and the only way to do so is to have a good team playing together, people will stop singling out Cam and more discussion of the team will surface. Not absolute, but it will help. It may even convert some of these Cam fans to Panther fans, that would be fuging awesome IMO.

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