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Gameday Thread: Panthers @ Chargers...

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we lucked out getting that penalty, seemed like Smitty was going after him

thought so too until i saw the replay where Smith was already out of bounds when he got hit

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    • I agree.  I would really hate to give up any of our picks in the first four rounds of this draft.  Having more could be beneficial. A lot of people just seem convinced that at 8 we are guaranteed some elite prospect.   I think at 8 we might be getting into that third tier of players 1st tier: Garrett 2nd tier:  Adams, Allen, Fournette, Thomas 3rd tier: ????? Not saying these guys are in the correct tiers but my point is that this third tier might be a little larger and more varied than some people think.  Also at this point the players might be graded fairly close and need might factor in more.   You might move from 8 to 12 and still draft the player you want.    
    • True dat, but our DT are all high round picks too, Star, KK and Butler push that center so it frees up the LB. Our best was 2013 when we had the best front 7 in football
    • With Ginn not being resigned Ross seems like the logical answer.  We definately could use a speed type of guy.  Our offense seems predicated on having one. Davis is interesting though because he might have the ability to become that so called #1 type of receiver.  If you don't believe we have one of those on the roster than he would be a good fit also.  Do we have that all around receiver that has enough speed to go deep while also having the size and strength to make the contested catch. What is best case for both? DeSean Jackson comp for Ross? A.J. Green for Davis?