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Guess who has the NFL's longest streak of passes without a pick

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This is probably one of the better stats Cam has right now, it means he's learning and doing his Job!

Funny that Luck has more Ints than Cam at this point but nothing is made it. All everyon focuses on is his accomplishments. All we keep hearing now is, Cam isn't playing as well as he did last season so he's in some kind of slump. Something tells me even if the team was 9-7 folks would still find a way of claim Cam isn't play well because his stats aren't as good as they were last season.

Yeah, there lies the difference between a QB who is automatically accepted as belonging and one who has to still prove that he belongs.

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jbland    813

Congrats to cam. He has been stepping up his game of late. I hope he keeps it up and this continues into 2013.

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Sloth    924

Get his accuracy up a little and he'll be unstoppable...

Some footwork tutoring, some work on getting his passes up higher and someone pulling him aside and telling him he doesn't have to throw everything 423 MPH and he's golden.

Big leap during the back half of the season. Exciting stuff.

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