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Captain Morgan

would you want Varejao?

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he wouldn't fit in our youth movement, but he more than earns his money, gets us

some rebounds we desperately need, and might like to stay in Charlotte with a

strong nucleus of young talent getting better.

" Anderson Varejao is highly available, as he has been for the past few seasons, but likewise expressed a good amount of skepticism about his actually moving before the trade buzzer in February because the Cavs' perpetually high asking price has only gone up. The Cavs, sources say, want multiple young assets in return for the 30-year-old, who is averaging 14.3 points and 14.8 rebounds and possesses a very manageable contract that calls for Varejao to receive $9.1 million next season with a $9.8 million team option in 2014-15. The Thunder are the rare title contender also blessed with the sort of youth/stashed draft picks to appeal to Cleveland, but sources say OKC has shown little interest to date."


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I want Kevin Love. He and Minny are not getting along well. It would take a lot to get him but as long as we can keep Kemba, MKG and Bismack (and Jeff Taylor if possible), everything else (including our 1st rounders from Portland and Detroit) is available. A starting five of BB, Love, MKG, Taylor & Kemba...and Love, at age 24, would be the oldest of them.

And yes, I know this is unlikely. Love wants to be on a playoff team and Kahn is very difficult to deal with.

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Kevin Kove is going nowhere for the next 2 years at least! The only front court player they may be moving is Derrick Williams whom they wanted to see play with Rubio before deciding rather or not they wanted to trade them.

Also after the Article came out Love followed up with this http://www.startribune.com/video/183203011.html#/183203011/video/1/hpmfv

He talks about how he stands by the comments he made, but that the article was portrayed negatively, and that Adrian Wojnarowski omitted the numerous positive things Love said about the team. Love says he is very happy with the offseason moves, and the direction of the team. Said he has talked to Adelman and Kahn about the article, and that they all came to the conclusion to just move on. Ended the interview by saying what he was trying to get across in the Adrian article, was that he wanted to sign the 5 year contract, and wants to be a cornerstone of the franchise and end his career in Minnesota.

SO even if Love was a possibilty I would not want him... we don't have numerous pieces like other teams which means we would have to give up SOOOO much to get him our roster/Future picks would be much worst than what he has at Minny now.

Same with Anderson V. We are a REBUILDING team... we can't afford to give up all the good trading pieces we have for one player. If we had good expendable pieces, or quality pieces that don't get well then we could move a player (Like us moving Gerald because of the play of Taylor),

Now if we want to talk more realistic trades, it maybe something along the line of putting a package together with Henderson for a Derrick Williams type player.

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We couldnt afford him, Cavs asking price is way too high. He should have been traded away to a contender last year or the year before (because he makes no sense on a rebuilding team), but cavs seem to think he is an all star big or something. Plus he is now 30 so his value is only decreasing now

Minny is doing the same thing with Derrick Williams. They keep trying to trade the guy (since he is a terrible fit on their roster), yet they think he is still worth the 2nd overall pick they spent on him. Minny has apparently not figured out that when a young player doesnt get minutes and doesnt produce that it affects his trade value. They seriously offered him to us for the #2 pick before the draft last year

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As far as for Kevin Love, Minny will want too much and also they wouldnt possibly trade him.

Anyway Love's defensive game suck @ss big time. The dude cant play no D worth crap.

Dont believe no big trade is going to happen.

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