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  1. Jalen Williams and Davis, and keep Bouknight.
  2. Mark Willians length is cancelled out by a very mediocre vertical. If you watch his tape, he doesn't get much lift when blocking shots, so his functional wingspan is not as great as it would appear. I'm not sure I would pick him, especially with Jones and Thor on the roster.
  3. I think Barno has a clear path. There’s no real back up for Burns, and if he can come in for a few plays a game where all he has to do is pin his ears back, he can make an impact.
  4. JC Horn - Takes a step back at the beginning of the season, but finishes strong and where we want him to be. T Marshall - Back-up. B. Christensen - Swing Tackle. T. Tremble - Same production as last year. C Hubbard - Will do very well behind the new offensive line when given the opportunity. D Nixon - 4-5 sacks. D. Brown - Should start but won't. S. Smith - Will not make the team. Rambo will flourish in the slot. T Fletcher - Cut. P. Hoskins - Backs-up Brown and plays very well.
  5. Zach Tom or Daniel Faalele for LT? Talk about struggling.
  6. If Phil Hoskins and Daviyon Nixon continue on their trajectory, and we sign Clowney, I think we got something.
  7. When else does a franchise get the ability to get an All Pro Edge? Really it's only the draft these days. When a franchise gets the opportunity to lock in a top tier Edge in the draft, you take it. Hopefully we won't be picking as high as 6 every year, so you gotta think this is our last chance to really have a dynamic duo of Burns and a player like thibideaux (sp?) for years. LTs are easier to find in free agency.
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