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Has Victor Cruz Panned Out?

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I remember when I brought this up in 2010 and I was ridiculed and treated like I didn't know what I was talking about. I was waiting to post this because I am an avid Carolina Panthers fan and I want all of the ones that act like I was out of line, check out this thread in response to my view on Victor Cruz over Armanti Edwards:

Me personally I would feel better about the article had the panthers used the Armati Edwards pick on Victor Cruz the undrafted receiver for the Giants. That is so sickening plus how we had a chance to get the other Steve Smith and bummed on that one too. The wr scouts for the panthers suck.

Victor Cruz is the best preseason WR since Paris Warren.

Damn those WR scouts and their inability to build a time machine!

Also I'm pretty sure every single team in the league passed over Cruz well over 200 times.

Cruz also muffed a punt.

Oh and he's been beasting against 2nd/3rd stringers.

I think your rushing your judgments a little.

I see, you are frustrated with the Edwards pick too, except you say we should have picked Cruz! Thanks for telling us this because it really sets you apart from the ones who wanted to draft Tate, or Gilyard, etc.......

They just don't want you to get ahead of yourself. Let it play out a little. Cruz was awesome, but admittedly against guys who probably won't be in the league much longer.

Also, Edwards and Cruz cannot be compared as one has been playing WR for the past couple of years while the other hasn't.

It's well known that the Great Steve Smith runs a sub-4 second 40.

A UDFA who played lights out in one preseason game and since it was a MNF game he is now the second coming of Steve Smith.

I think that probably matters to some degree. I also think it is why no coaches really stress anything but the 3rd game in terms of the results they are looking for. In the first two games that are probably look at stuff we aren't even thinking about.

Now after 1 superbowl and an integral part of their offense, can I get an "I'm sorry"?

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You were right congratulations, call me when Coughlin hires you, I want your autograph.


Thanks, I just feel like I know what the team needs and I might not be right all the time, but I am right some. So will someone please lift the troll tag, lol!

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Vindication thread FTW!!

Oh, how you have waited for your moment.

Better now than after they miss the playoffs.

Personally I don't care whether they the Giants miss the playoffs or not, I am just tired of the Panthers not making it. You are barking up the wrong tree, plus the PSL owners feel similar as I do.

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Just because you were right doesn't mean you weren't rushing your judgement. No one laughed at you. We just all said you need to calm down and let things play out.

I won't bother the 500 other threads proclaiming some guy who did well in preseason to be the Messiah who is no longer in the league.



You nailed that one too.

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My point isn't to pump the team up all I was stating was he pushed them during the Superbowl stint and was a large part of that win, I think 2 touchdowns in the big game. That was huge, I am still pissed off about that and maybe now we can get him.

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Delhommey, cool. I was a lot younger then, but you are right I did jump the gun and I was the only one so I should have welcomed the backlash because everyone deal want tate and gilyard. oh how this feels so great!

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Well Delhommie, that Steve Smith comment was a point then with someone that was proven at that point. He also has a bowl ring if I am not mistake, but will I trade him for the original? Hell nah!!!!

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