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Paying Greg Hardy

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 11:39 AM

First we've got figure out how to keep Chud from getting a head coaching job!

insert Norv Turner

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 01:26 PM

Paging Mr Beane

:-( fug

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 01:38 PM

charles johnson's contract had a huge signing bonus that resulted in a really big number that media outlets could sling around (omg 6 years/$76 million and he's not julius peppers jared allen or dwight freeney wtf is going on here) but his cap hit is actually not overly cumbersome. it's actually on the mid-low end of the scale for a-list passrushers like the aforementioned. johnson's cap hit was $11 million this year and should be $13 million next year where as allen's was greater than $15 million and will go above $17 million next year. peppers' cap hit was $12.4 million this season and will reach $16.4 million next year.


Everyone made a big deal out of it at the time because we gave so much guaranteed money to a guy with only a couple good seasons. It was a big risk because if he got complacent and his production fell, it would have been very hard to get out of that contract. But he has actually been quite good and that contract is looking just fine. I would rather not give that same deal to Hardy though because he seems a bit unpredictable.

Now the contracts we gave the RBs, on the other hand...

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 02:05 PM

Agreed this offseason is the time to lock him in for a reasonable amount. This dilemma will actually play into this year's draft. Older guys like Gross with hefty salaries may be in jeopardy because of the need to lock in young, dynamic talent like Hardy and Kuechly. Also don't think Godfrey will survive the triage with his contract.

And we better start worrying about Cam right now. When his contract is up, he'll be top 5 highest paid in the league. We'd better lock up some of these other concerns before his time comes.

We can't lock up Cam or Luke, they are still under their rookie contracts.

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 05:25 PM

We can't lock up Cam or Luke, they are still under their rookie contracts.

I didn't mean Cam or Luke this offseason. Just stating that moves need to be made ahead of time in preparation for their upcoming increases. Cam only has 2 more seasons left on his rookie contract.

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 10:10 PM

With all of the qb hurries big money has, those in booka count for interceptions and forced bad decisions, add the force fumbles, Johnson has to be in the top 5 without me digging for stats.

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 10:15 PM

Hardy isnt getting near the money CJ got. This is his first real season he has shown anything. CJ got his money bc before then being a backup, he always showed he had something. He was also a very nice prospect coming out.

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 10:21 PM

Can we please worry about these things when they actually need to be worried about? We have Hardy at least through 2014, so we've got time.

Exactly. I remember the make Chud the HC threads. Along with the Chud should make more than Rivera so he won't leave threads. The wonderful things about salary caps and such is that if you really want to make it work you can.