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SZ James (banned)

Facebook Politics

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i actually am very open to having my mind changed by proper evidence, and i've shifted gears on a whole lot of issues over the years because of it. i have an incredibly wide range of political ideology from fringe right to fringe left to hardline repubs and dems and libertarians and independents, religious factions, etc that post material that i constantly read and research. i think by avoiding the echo chamber of deleting or hiding posts of people i think are dumb (which a LOT of people do) i've been able to achieve a fairly balanced understanding of multiple sides of most issues.

i have no concrete beliefs on politics; everything is open to being challenged if the proper evidence is placed out there for my consumption.

We are a lot a like, no wonder I think you're awesome :)

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Actually had a guy I've known for 20 years post something from a racist FB group today. He ended up taking it down, or at least only sharing with with his "racist" friends group, by the time I got a chance to try and get it up here. Think the group was Southern Brotherhood or something like that.

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