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Game 32: Charlotte Bobcats (8-23) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (7-26)

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Dunlap certainly isn't the long term answer. He's a college coach. They brought him in because the team was so awful they needed a guy to reteach them fundamentals. How long did you actually think those 4 hour extended practices were going to work for a pro ball club? these guys are losing and now they're going to be exhausted by the ASB.

I like the guy and appreciate his hard working, defensive mentality. But c'mon. You don't play defense in the NBA until the playoffs, and we've seen where his defensive strategy has gotten them so far this season.

But to get back to your point, he looks like a stop-gap hire. He's a good coach I'm not knocking that, and I'm most def not knocking the argument about the team needing players, but maybe he can develop some of the younger guys like MKG and Kemba (Kemba has evolved as a player this season no question) and then after we get a few more pieces to build around from the draft......we will be attractive enough to lure an established coach and Dunlap can parlay his NBA experience to a nice D1 coaching gig.

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Eh don't think Dunlap is the long term answer. He will be here a few years but all great teams have great coaches except Miami.

I used to think that Spoelstra suck but now I really think he's a legit coach. He has Miami playing and probably is the most physical team in the league. A great defense and moves the ball very well and fast on the court. It's really not just bc he has Lebron, Wade and Bosh. Lakers can't do nothing with all those talents can they? Spoelstra deserves more credit than he get.

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