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Post your reaction when you got the news that Rivera is staying

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Hmmmm, i guess you did not get enough responses to the "I am shocked ...." post. Get over it ! The team has matured a lot in the second part of the season. RR has done a good job and in my, humble, opinion, deserves to take this team to the next level.

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    • And if I'm Chicago, I gladly let it happen, and if I'm absolutely sold on going QB that early, I go Watson at 3, and keep those picks to help get more around that young player coming in. 

      Chicago has nothing at Safety, zero pass rush, and 2 of their receivers have battled injury for their entire careers. Obviously, they went where they felt they needed to go, but with Adams on the board, or any one of those DL, to trade up picks that could be used for some picks to really support them and get them in better shape to perform this season instead of in the future, I just can't imagine going any other way.