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Rivera on his job

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"Hey Mr Richardson....no backsies."

There is no continuity on this team. There is no momentum going into next year.

It irritates me to no end that Jerry "Al Davis" RIchardson made the call on Rivera before the GM was hired. Cheap Ass

Shula is an unknown.

Rivera has a built in excuse for 2013 already.

Bring in Gruden.

Oh yes, it is Richardson's fault Chud got hired!

And considering Gettleman had no issue taking this job, who is to say he didn't want Rivera to stay anyway? Better yet, you tell me. Who out there would have been a dramatically better option? By the way, this is coming from a guy who isn't a Rivera fan. But I'm interested in knowing who you think logically would be that much better than just keeping Rivera. Andy Reid? No team has taken an interest in Gruden. Cowher has made it clear he's not returning. Whisenhunt? The guy who couldn't do anything without Warner? I'm really all ears.

Everyone always has a complaint but nobody ever has a solution. I like how people are intent on bashing Richardson for every little thing. Well now is your chance. What do you think should have been done? If we fire Rivera, who would you have wanted as the new head coach? I mean look at all the teams out there struggling to find a good option at HC already.

And I have no idea on how JR deciding to keep a HC before a GM is hired is in any way cheap, especially considering if Rivera hadn't ended the season with the team performing so well, he would have been fired.

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Better yet, why do people think bringing in Gruden would be a smart idea?

1) No team has even taken interest in him. That is saying something.

2) People on this site always complain that they don't to sit through mediocrity any longer. Well holy poo, do you really think Gruden is going to change that? Tampa Bay wasn't anything but mediocre with him outside of a 2002 season in a year where the NFL wasn't even that good and he had a bunch of talent already on that squad. From '03-'08, TB only had 1 10+ win season and 0 playoff wins. Who is to say Rivera is really any different than Gruden?

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A lot of time has passed since he stunk it up as an OC/HC

I would hope he's better now but it's an unknown.

I'm sure the Patriots and Seahawks are glad they tried a retread.

On that same token, why do you seem intent on not allowing Rivera to improve? If those guys can improve, and according to you Dennis Green can improve, why not Rivera? Especially since the coaching of this team got dramatically better down the stretch. We were actually going for the throat in games rather than sitting back.

You don't need to be fired to improve as a coach. Which is why I don't understand why you seem 100% positive Rivera will never progress.

And I'm not even a fan of Rivera. I just find the double standard, and quite frankly whining, to be ridiculous.

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Some of you seem a little bipolar.

Personally, I somewhat optimistic about the changes, hoping that we will bring in some new blood and reinvigorate the offense. And maybe we might even bring in some coaches that know how to close out a close and meaningful game.

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I'm not worried about this upcoming season. I'm worried about season 4. I'm worried about a Jim Schwartz kind of situation. We finally make the playoffs in year 3 and then wham.... back to loserville in under a year. I won't be able to stomach that.

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