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Doc Holiday

Worst characters in gaming

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Who are yours?

3.)Tidus - FFX - he starts out very self absorbed pouting about his issues while a lot of people around him are having a much more serious problems to deal with, he eventually becomes tolerable and likeable to some extent as the game goes on, but overall he annoyed the hell out of me

2.)Leo - Zone of the enders - like Tidus the dude whines too much, except this time he never becomes likable.

1.) Raiden - MGS2 - whiny pain in the ass character that through the entire game you just want to play as snake. seriously wtf? at least they redeem him in the later games

I will add more as i think of them

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Yun & yang from street fighter 4. They are gay and broken.


Yun is mid tier, Yang is low tier. If you're getting bodied by Yun and Yang, you're just bad at the game.

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