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Darth Biscuit

Female Star Trek TNG Role Players needed...

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This isn't a huddler is it?

Hawk, you up in Edmonton?


**UPDATE** I was able to get more volunteers than requested. Response was amazing. Thanks for all encouraging words. I will leave it posted for more to enjoy and maybe try doing this where they live IT'S VERY FUN. Asking you to consider a small donation to your local humane society on behalf of Spot.** Need 2 or 3 women for Star Trek roleplaying. No nudity, no touching. STRICTLY "THE NEXT GENERATION" ERA CHARACTERS AND COSTUMES. Last time someone tried TOS and it was a disaster. There will be no mixing of eras. I don't want to hear how Captain Kirk is so great. Kirk isn't half the Captain that Picard is, OK? Kirk is a fat chauvinist ladies man. Picard is an honorable intellectual and an excellent diplomat. I built a bridge in my mom's garage and a small shuttlecraft. If this sounds like something you want to do let me know and I'll send you the script. I don't mind if your costume isn't terribly authentic, just make sure it's close to TNG era. Once you have your script you can think about your character and let me know about any ideas you have. We won't be filming anything it, it's just a fun way to spend an afternoon. Maybe my mom will make lunch. It helps if you know a lot about the show. This isn't paid, but I have a doctor's prescription pad (a long story) and I can write you a prescription for basically anything you want. The reason I need women is that the story is about getting stuck on a shuttlecraft. I can't tell you more now. Most weeknights and weekends are good times. Having your own props is an asset e.g. a phaser or a VISOR if your character needs one. Please respond with pic and short bio plus stats. Nothing weird is going to happen.

Sounds legit...

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Star Trek TNG Remake...

Christina Hendricks as Dr Crusher.


Sofia Vergara as Troi


Patrick Stewart can still play Picard... he still looks the same as he did 25 years ago...


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Remember the lady who wore her Star Trek uniform to jury duty?

I also recall seeing a job posting in Seattle that was looking for people who were fluent in Klingon.

It was for a mental health facility. They had some residents who refused to speak in any other language.

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