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Racial meh's

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I mentioned that the media will show white/black crimes, primarily white on black, but also black on white. That gives them the race angle that I think is their real aim.

What they do not apparently care about is the minority on minority crimes. There, since they can't cover a bigger story, they just kinda let it go. The whole point was that people dying should be the ultimate story and not just the color of the person doing the killing.

Continue the namecalling now...

Live near Charlotte? What's the big trial the local newscasters are all over?

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still waiting on that response

Is this the one where you said I thought like you, way back when you were going through puberty and an azzhole? Flattering and always worthy of a response, but, I would say, we disagree.

You happen to think the media is on the up and up. I think they have gone from being reporters of the news to letting their views slant what or how they report.

You can expect an commentator like Hannity or Maddow to slant and they certainly do, but if you are looking for just the news and the reporters decide not to talk about all the black murders just because there would not be time to get to anything else, are you serious? So many black on black murders that we can't report them all. Lets only report the ones which are sensational?

When news media were against the war in Iraq, they read the names on air to bring a realness to the issue. It was mainly because they were against the war.

But to just gloss over all the deaths of people because, "we just don't have time" is in itself slanting the news. What would the public think if a national newscast brought light to the thousands of deaths in Chicago.

Okay, that is the basis for the whole post. People just take minority on minority murders as MEH. Unless they can get a sensational headline out of it, then it is of no use to them and they have other stuff to report on.

I suppose we just disagree. I think the fact that 3-5000 people being murdered in Chicago over the last 10 years is a story. I think 60 minutes should have Rahm Emanuel speaking on it. I think they should ask community leaders what is going on. I think the race guys like Sharpton should be ask why Travon is important enough to organize marches and be on TV, but these throngs that have been killed are not worth anyones time.

I am glad to know however that you were once like me, an azzhole.

And, you guys sure do stay up late with your posting. Sheesh. But, I guess that goes with your job.

Be tough to work those hours for me.

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I was just thinking today about how much airtime was given to 9/11.

Why was that situation more "traumatic" than any other deaths. More people die in the US every single day yet it's not given the same amount of coverage by the LIBERAL LIE MEDIA. I think it's because of an underlying agenda. The mainstream media wanted to cover it 24/7 just to hype the anti-islam/race angle.

What say the huddle?

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9/11 happened live in front of millions, and on live tv for millions (billions?) of others. It killed thousands and killed one of the greatest symbols of our economic power. It led to a sense of "you're not safe traveling. You're not safe at work"

Thats why it was so much more traumatic.

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I guess... If you're among the "all white veteran conservatives are bad because of mcveigh" bandwagon.

But to us sane people, we bite on these stupid trolls and don't realize it until after the fact. Meh

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