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Happy Panther

Black Keys absurd copyright lawsuit

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If this works Stone Temple Pilots is going to own Pearl Jam a ton of cash.

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Wow this kind of blows my mind. But it's not that surprising considering how many people ripped off Chuck Berry.

“Come Together” is one of those songs that make you listen to what’s on today and shake your head in disappointment. It’s the epitome of good Beatles music and the feelings behind the 70’s Occupy hippy movement. Its beat is so pure that it’s been legally covered three times, each by other great bands like Aerosmith. That’s why it’s shocking to hear that the song is so stolen, the Beatles acknowledged they stole it themselves.

In 1973, The Beatles were sued by Big Seven Music Corp which handled Chuck Berry’s “You Can’t Catch Me”. They claimed that not only was the beat from “Come Together” just Berry’s song slowed down, the lyrics were also stolen. For reference, the lyrics in question are John Lennon’s “Here come ol’ flattop, he come groovin’ up slowly” to Berry’s “Here come a flattop, he was movin’ up with me”.

Both parties settled out of court, but Lennon wasn’t done. He vowed to record three more songs owned by Big Seven Music Corp. Big Music responded politely by doing the same thing to John Lennon, releasing a series of unauthorized outtakes designed to embarrass Lennon. When it was time to take the wreckage to court, both sides lawyered up in what must have been an epic legal showdown. In the end, it was John Lennon that won, to the tune of 85 grand.

Read more: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-hit-songs-stolen-from-other-songs.php#ixzz2JNn5OGwH

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