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Just how talented are the Patriots without Brady?

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dos poptarts    693

heh. My explanation for the Pats dynasty is simply:

1) Belichick is a good HC.

2) Brady is an elite QB

3) Their division has been horrible for an entire decade.

Chad Pennington was QB for the Jets (2002) and Fins (2008) when someone else bothered to challenge the Pats and took the division crown.

Can you name any other division where there wasn't at least another team challenging the top dog over the last decade.

AFC East (one good year from Miami, 2-3 good years from Jets, was there any other year where the 2nd place team was even good from this division)

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Peppers90 NC    3,042

without Brady, at this point, unless Mallet was serviceable, their defense may be better than their offense and that's not good. Interested to see what happens with Welker and a few others

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