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Excellent Interview With Cam By Observer: Gives More Detailed Hints On Shula, The 2013 Offense-Cam/His Goals & The Superbowl

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OK, Hurricane Cam has blown into New Orleans (if I can say that). And now the TV, Radio sightings, along with the print interviews are starting to pile up. However, I wouldn't post it if I didn't feel it had value. I think this does! So here's one, as Newton gave a nice, revealing interview with Joe Person of the observer down in New Orleans today.

Yes he talked about his very good relationship (which Cam described as "Unbelievable") with new OC, Mike Shula. Yes, Cam talked about continuity and expanding the offense (blah blah blah). But he also gave us some insight on what's going on now and may happen next year with his development, Shula and the offense. Hmmmh.

Here are a few tidbits.

“I've been talking to (Shula) and he's been giving me some ideas to think about. I think it's going to be a working process, but at the same time we're going to have fun and take it to higher heights.”

Wow, already a far cry from Chud. Cam seems to be a direct part of this offense. Now, I'll admit, I wasn't thrilled with the Shula pick. But anything that gives Cam more input (unlike Chud for the most of the year), sounds good.

Here's another tidbit from Person:

Newton said he was pleased Chudzinski had the opportunity to become a head coach.

He also said his relationship with Shula was “unbelievable,” and credited the former Alabama coach with helping his development the second half of last season. After a turnover-plagued start to 2012, Newton accounted for 19 touchdowns, with only four turnovers, over the final nine games.

Hmmmh. Okay. Now Newton says/expounds on about this by saying:

“I think a lot of credit goes to him with me honing in to a lot of things that he's been coaching me up to do. I don't think it's going to be any different,” Newton said. “I think he's going to coach me even harder, especially with his microphone as far as coaching has gotten a little bit higher. And guys are going to have to listen to him now.

OK, let's hope he does "Coach Cam Harder". Now here is what I think will be the BEST PASSAGE FOR ALL HUDDLER AND PANTHER FANS: First paragraph is Person, then Cam is the next:

During Super Bowl week last year, Newton said he wanted to cut down on his interceptions in his second season. He did – throwing 12 in 2012 after 17 as a rookie. Newton said Friday his goal for his third year is to improve his consistency.

“Let me focus on being consistent in the intermediate game, the quick game, first and second down, controlling those downs before you get to the third downs,” he said. “If you're focusing on those two downs, then you put yourself in better situations come third down.”

Hallelujah! Last year Cam wanted to reduce his turnovers (and he did, even with a poor start). And now he says he wants to work on his consistency, short, slant, intermediate and 2nd down passing game. Wonderful!! We'll listen, look out for that as training camp progresses. Let's hope Cam is as prophetic and determined with his 2013 wish next season, as we was this year?

Cam also provided more insight and clarification on his two rooting interest for the Superbowl than previously:

As for Sunday's Super Bowl matchup, Newton said he's a fan of San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick – his roommate at the combine two years ago – but gave the nod to Baltimore and retiring linebacker Ray Lewis.

“I'm rooting for (Kaepernick) as far as individual. But I think the purple and gold is going to do their (thing),” Newton said. “I think it's the year of the Raven. And when I say Raven, I'm putting a 'y' after 'a.' Ray-ven.” OK, that makes more sense now. LOL

I left some stuff out. But it was a well written, informative (for this time of year at least) article


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I have said this 100x but I feel obligated to say it again. The truly scary thing about Cam Newton is that he is probably playing about 80% of his game off of pure talent right now.

He is still learning things that other young QBs are more seasoned with already due to their multiple years as a starting QB in college.

Cam is having great seasons while still learning some of the basics of being a QB. Not just an NFL QB, but just being a QB in general. Despite that he has @60 total TDs in two seasons. What do you think he is going to do as some of the basic things he is still learning become second nature to him??

And the special thing about it is he appears to know it, understand it, and is eager to learn it. Many guys who had this much success this early would rest on their laurels. He seems to be genuinely eager to become a better QB. And if that is true, then the sky truly is the limit for him and our team.

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Yeah, nice article. Sky is the limit for Cam, I'm so happy to have him as our franchise QB.

I'll admit, I REALLLLLY wanted Hue Jackson and I was a bit put off when we promoted Shula even though I suggested making him the OC last season... The put off was more because I thought it was a money-saving move, but as far as football, I'm really excited about it. I think Shula has had a lot of time to reflect on his HC and OC stints in the past, and the best part, as mentioned in the article, is that he has been the one coach who has worked most closely with Cam over the last two years.

Chud was an egomaniac and that really hurt our offense AND Cam to start the season. IIRC, there was a report about 4-6 games in that Cam wasn't even allowed to audible out of plays and was given no autonomy pre-snap - he had to run what Chud called. But, IIRC, a couple weeks after that we actually saw Cam making some audibles pre-snap and I believe that was right around the time his play and our offense as a whole turned for the better.

Again, with having the coach who has worked most closely with him and sees what he sees play after play, and now he's looking for input from Cam... I'm excited to see how our offense comes out to start next season.

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Smitty said it as well.. So there's a little more relief

If Shula was as bad as half of the posters on this site think he is, he would be a chef at one of Don's steakhouses. Unlike Mark and Jon Richardson, Mike is not in his Dad's doghouse and has no true need for work. He would be a footnote in Alabama history if he had no talent whatsoever and would have just rode off into the sunset years ago.

The boy knows what he is doing according to those who should know and I hope he will make the most of this opportunity.

I would walk a little taller if I knew Cam Newton and Steve Smith had faith in me.

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I never once doubted Cam's ability or desire to be great after watching that first loss of the 2011 seasobn to arizona. And i never once doubted Cam' ability to will his team to victory after watching the 2010 Auburn Tigers win all those come from behind games. The Nfl is a different animal but we'll get there and boy is it gonna be fun to watch.

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Link is broken for me. Can't find it in the site either. :(

I tried to send it to you. Did you get it?

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