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2013 mock offseason trades

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The first trade veto was good; my bad on that part.

This veto is pathetic ! Commiss just hate me!

I dnt care. I have specific players I'm targeting !!!! My players are gonna be there at 28.

I have my philosophy. I swear DCK only doing this bc it's me!!!

Man I swear. Did you include Koppen?

i did.but you have to realized that you cannot trade future picks so the numbers are skewed. im not picking on you, i dont even know you.

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Denver trades picks 1.28, 2.26, 4.28, 5.28, 6.28, 7.28 and Dan Koppen to the Chiefs for the number 1 pick in the draft.

We're a play maker away from the SB.

This is supposed to be a realistic "league." This trade would never happen in a million years. Even if you value Koppen at a 3rd round pick, thats 1187 as the value of Denvers picks + Koppen, compared to the 3000 that the #1 pick is worth. The only way it would be possible is to have multiple high to mid first round picks, or the ability to trade next years first rounder. Let it go, its not even close to realisitic.

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