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Cato Institute scholars break down SOTU 2013

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That is why I laugh at Republicans talking about spending. It is a fugging joke and yet their minions fall for it hook line and sinker.

They are always the one's to talk about tax and spend liberals, and yet they are the one's that constantly spend and run up huge deficits whether it be from tax cuts, wars, entitlement expansion to try and get re-elected, etc. and then also cut taxes at the same time. They are spend and spend. At yet dummies still vote for these guys.

After the last 13 years I don't see how anyone can vote for these jaggoffs anymore. I know some don't want to vote for Democrats but it is time for a third party to replace the Republicans. Maybe the Libertarians or have the tea party become an official party or bring back the Conservative party.

But these Republican leaders make their entire party and subsequently their supporters look foolish by denying reality.

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You don't understand, Republican Presidents spend too much money on good things, so the Democrat Presidents can't spend at all to make up for it. Obama actually has to get money from government agencies to be honest.

Except defense of course. DoEd is having bake sales to pay for more drones.

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