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Capital One took money out of my bank account without authorization...

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ARSEN    9,591

What a fugers...

I always scheduled my payments through their website but start this month my fiance start managing our joint account so she scheduled a payment through ACH and nothing was scheduled on Capital One website. The fugers received ACH payment for my monthly statement plus they drafted the same amount again through their website without my authorization. I called them and they pretended like they have no idea what's going on... They said refund will take up to 2 weeks...

Lesson learned... do not give credit card companies ur bank account.

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Panthro    10,016

They are one of the best cards for consumers...use your debit card wherever doesnt take amex. They aren't going to be big ticket items anyways if the only take mc/visa.

They have a couple different types. I have the costco and gold...no spending limit on the gold I just buy big ticket items on it that I would pay cash for....but I use it and pay them off for the points.

I also have a usair mastercard. I get priority checkin/security lines/boarding, a couple $99 buddy passes, and a free ticket when i joined.

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Hawk    2,378

Costco always has the cheapest gas around here...throw in the AMEX cash back...sweet deal and well worth the extra drive to get there for me.

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MadHatter    9,513

Lesson 1: don't use credit cards.

Only a good suggestion if you don't have the dedication and intelligence to pay it off every month.

Given the cash back options...frequent flyer point options...etc on credit cards, you are better off putting everything you can on your card and then paying it off at the end of every month.

This only gets in trouble if you can't budget and ensure that you don't charge items AND spend the money needed to pay it off.

This is just like people who think it is a good idea to be getting a tax refund. Dumbest thing you can do with yoru taxes. you just gave the gov't your money interest free.

Best way to do it is to have as little as possible witheld (right up to the point of payign a penalty for under witholding)....put the extra money in an account each month....then use the money to pay your tax bill at the end of the year. You get the time value benefit of the money.

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