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Accorsi doesn't believe in taking offensive lineman in the 1st round

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They had a number 1 overall QB and did spend some 1st round picks on lineman in the draft Anthony Davis and Mike Iuapati in 2010. Joe Staley in 2007.

In 07 they were 5-11. 08 they were 7-9, 09 8-8, 2010(the year they added 2 more 1st round lineman) they go backwards and fall to 6-6

So yes they do have a good o-line, but the thing that turned them around was Harbaugh not the o-line unless you wanna use the whole Rome was not built in a day argument, even then they were much better know for their Defense than their offense. Their starting RG was un-drafted btw.

Don't get it twisted shitty o-line play pisses me off as much as the next guy but your going to have to bring a better argument than that if you want to sway any opinions.

I know they have a good Oline, which is why they don't have to address that area of their team anymore...

Who said Oline turned them around?

They had Alex Smith and play calling that made Davidson look like a genius(aka just run the ball or throw it to Davis)

Give us their Oline and we make the playoffs this year, even with Chud being a moron.

That being said we absolutely have to get a play maker other than Smith....who himself is becoming more of a role player as he gets older.

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Well we all know one thing, hurney would have had no problem drafting a low value position in the draft. If he was still here you could pencil in a guard already

No, Hurney would have mortgaged next years draft and traded up from 14 to draft Mante Te'o.

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