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UPDATED:Former Panther player jerseys that are acceptable to wear to Panther games.

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UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Danny Morrsion



I asked Danny about making a limited edition Sam Mills jersey using the current logos. I told him we didn't want a custom jersey but an approved team jersey. Mr.Morrison thought it was a great idea but not to get my hopes up but he will bring it up at the next meeting and see what he can do and talk with Nike etc..If he gets it approved and the Mills jersey sold well they could maybe release other former greats jersey.


but he said and stated do not get my hopes us..


well guess what I have my hopes up.










For you folks who wear the same faded worn out Kerry Collins jersey please stop. If you don't like or cant afford any current player you can buy a jersey of any of these guys real cheap.


Jake Delhomme

Brad Hoover

Kevin Green

Reggie White

Chris Gamble


Wesley Walls

John Kasay



anybody else to add to this list?




Panther jerseys that need to be retired


Kerry Collins

Dwayne Jarrett

Julius Peppers

Matt Moore

Rae Carruth



anybody else need to be retired?

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Lol that big ol guy that walks around in the Rae Carruth jersey... yeah good luck telling him he can't wear that anymore



I will pass...lol 



I like to breathe.

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When I finally made it down to Charlotte in 2010 for my first home game, I wore my authentic Biakabutuka jersey for the game


I also have current ones though with an authentic Cam, a knock-off authentic Smitty Pro Bowl, and a stitched Smitty and Stewart, but had to wear my favorite one for my first ever home game

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