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Xbox1/PS4 actual gameplay footage of Madden25

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Double post. But seriously.. if you dont like the product, dont buy it. I will ne exercising this for the first time with madden despite my love for football video games..

I updated the roster on madden 12 ps2. Plays AWESOME. 3rd xbox broke i aint buyin another one. Microsft can shove it up their ass. Gunna play ps2 till ps4 comes out

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This is the way I see it. Even tho EA has had it's and downs over the years. They are starting to get it back on track. Some complain that it is the same year in and year out. Then if think you can make a better football game then this. Then please go out and make it. Prove to me that you make it much better then this.9 Like I said before. Those are actual gameplay videos of next gen that I showed you. Believe it or not. Also told you that EA is still far from having completing the next Gen Madden right now. Once the current gen madden comes out in August. Then they should be showing some next gen Madden some where near October. So until you the full game itself for the next gen. Stop judging. Every company has it's ups and downs with is customers. EA is working hard to get back where they need to be with Madden for the next gen. Plain and simple.

no i feel they will continue to gimmick us because the same retards like me buy the game every year because i gotta have my Panther fix. Until they have competition they will continue to be poo. Just my opinion man.

Just look at microsoft. What if the playstation didnt exsist and it was just them? What kind of poo would they be pulling?

Competition is great. From video games to our very own panther squad. Just makes everything better. Complacency is the opposite! The sickness! Lol

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