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Cam Newton Interview with Vibe Magazine

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meh..i love kendrick and the rest of TDE but i also love the trap music.. i like all rap/hip-hop. i also like old rock music and stuff but i dont go out of my way to listen to it haha.

 i been listening to the Mane since 03. yeah.



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To those who know- are Beats worth the money?

Great interview.



No, they're decent headphones from a sound standpoint, but taking their price into account, they're a complete ripoff. 200 dollars for headphones that are overly bassy and lack sound definition. They're really only good for club/dance music and not much else. I have a 60 dollar pair of headphones, and did a side by side comparison with a friend that has beats - beats sounded much more muffled, blanketed, and muddy, and were also over 100$ more. Beats also have a reputation for not being too durable. They're 30-40 dollar type headphone quality. You're pretty much just paying for the name/fad.


Sorry for the long post, just a bit music obsessive.



As for Cam's interview, Explosions In The Sky is one of my favorite bands (beautiful stuff, I'd implore anyone to listen), and seeing that he likes them is awesome. Wouldn't expect him to be into instrumental stuff at all really.

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