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Elias Lindholm Signs Entry-Level Contract

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Just a day after arriving in Raleigh, Elias Lindholm has signed his first NHL contract.


The Swedish forward, selected by the Carolina Hurricanes fifth overall in the 2013 NHL Draft, inked a three-year, entry-level contract on Monday. Lindholm will receive $832,500 at the NHL level or $70,000 at the AHL level in all three years, in addition to a $277,500 signing bonus.


“I dream about playing in the NHL, and this is a step in the right way,” Lindholm said. “It was a dream come true to sign the contract. Now I have to prove that I deserve that contract.”


Elias Lindholm on Playing With The Canes


“I want to play my game. If I play my game, hopefully I can play in the NHL,” he said. “I want to improve my strength, skating and shot.”


“It’s far away back to my mom and dad,” Lindholm said. “I lived with them during the season, but after the season, I was living in my own apartment. I think that was good for me to take care of myself.”


“It’s hot. There are great golf courses. I’m playing golf, and hopefully I can bring some friends soon and play some golf,” he said. “I’ve heard only good things.”


Lindholm On Playing In The NHL This Season


“I think I’m ready,” he said.


Jim Rutherford has stated at least a dozen times that Lindholm will play in the NHL this year, and for the first time Lindholm expressed his desire to join the Hurricanes this season.


As far as where Elias Lindholm will fit in, Rutherford stated that it is Muller's desire to balance the lines and that Lindholm could possibly start with Skinner as a line-mate. Whether that be with Lindholm and Skinner on Jordan Staal's wings or Skinner lining up on Lindholm's wing on the third line is still to be determined.

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    • I don't feel like we're a sleeper team. We are just mercurial as a franchise- up, down, and in the middle. I really do not know what to expect this year. As it's been said, the O-line is a big question mark. Our interior is good, but the tackle spot is a mystery. I wasn't and am still not high on the Lil Kalil signing, and not because of the contract. He has declined every year since his rookie year. Am I suppose to believe that he has really been chronically injured this whole time and now that he is here with Ryan he is suppose to magically be healthy and perform? I'm not saying it isn't possible- I'm not saying he's def going to suck either. I just have no clue. I think it's a big time gamble from Gman. I hope it works out. And I desperately want to be proved wrong about it too. I hope he fills the hole that's been there since Gross left as a long term solution. And the other thing that worries me that is the coaching staff. Everyone talks about Shula but I'm not high on RR. He took zero accountability in his post season presser- as apposed to Gman who acknowledged his mistakes. I've never really liked him- I'm really wondering if Riverboat was just fools gold. He just feels like Fox 2.0- don't think he can't get us a Lombardi- which is sad because I feel like our roster can. Again, I hope I'm wrong about this. These two things plus our division- The NFCS will be a dogfight this year. 
    • Yeah we fell asleep..the offensive like ducked and the secondary ducked til Bradbury and the other kid stepped up.. but season was done.. need a healthy o-Lind this year and execute or these new weapons are pointless

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