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Your predictions for the final 53

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T. Poole to me has more potential upside than A. Smith as a prototypical power back in the league. He looks more like the real deal when carrying the ball and has a similar body type to J-Stew. I'd like to see us keep #33. The only thing Armond has going for him is that he can return kicks but I haven't seen anything from him in that department that sets him apart or makes me think we can't do without him.

Also, I thought I read that Wharton is expected to start at LG due to Amini being out week 1 with an injury. If so, then G. Williams will start at RG.

We are deeper and more talented than ever at WR and DL. We are weaker than ever at OL. the last time we had an O line this weak was in the Seifert/ Beurlein era. The best they ever did was 8-8.

G-man will address it, but from what I've read the best we can get is stop-gap and depth. No starter quality players will be coming onto the market. Best we can do is look for a decent player cut from a team with a really strong O-line.

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alot of teams need oline help and very few decent ones to go around..........will be tough.


getting Wharton was timely.


That and he lives in Charlotte and already has chemistry with Kalil and Gross.


We have a couple of factors in our favor too.  We are young and a playoff caliber team.  We have Cam Newton and we have $$$ to pay.


Gettleman is smart and will get us the best he can.

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So far I've been wrong about Poole and Florence.


Edit: Wrong about Campbell too, although I had a hunch he might be going to IR. We never really heard a report about his injury.


Edit 2: David Gettis and Jason Williams wrong also.




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