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Poll: Preseason is now over, how do you feel?

Preseason is over, how do you feel  

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  1. 1. Now that the preseason is over, how do you feel this season is going to go?

    • Super Bowl
    • Playoffs? Playoffs?
    • Rivera's third verse, same as the first, sub .500 I am, I am
    • Jadavean Clowney, come on down. You are the next contestent for franchise savior
    • pie

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Not a big one for predictions so I skipped the vote.


My thoughts are that we have enough impact players on the roster to play with any other team in the league. I didn't feel that way last year. We'll just have to see what kind of bounces we get.


But yeah, this defense should be fun to watch, and unlike some, the offensive performance in the preseason didn't really bother me. We've seen what Cam and company can do.

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I feel like we are DEEP at WR.... I mean who'd a thunk it!? Seriously

Our weaknesses are obvious and have been discussed ad nauseam since the beginning of training camp.

--O-Line (and lack of quality depth... Even starters tbh)

-- Secondary is weak

I think that when it's all said and done this year it will be common knowledge to even the casual fan that we have the best front 7 in the league. The big question mark here, is if it's enough to disguise our mediocre secondary. The big unknown is how many times Mitchell gets us hit with those 15 yd penalties.

Offense has to put up points. We need to establish the pass, then the run early on in the season and for two reasons.

Reason #1- with Stew out DeAngelo has the reins and has been known to start slow

Reason #2- we're going into the season with a make shift o-line as it is... So some 3-5 step drops and Cam getting the ball out will be beneficial for him to get into rhythm as well as the hogs up front not having to protect for long.

Cam will be Cam... He will make something out of nothing when it looks like he's destined for a sack, and he will miss his receivers by throwing the ball over their heads on routine routes...

I think the difference this year for us is this... Our Defense/ST will put up points and the WR corps. I think we'll get a call here or there that we haven't in the past... Think about the Dallas game last year... Need I say more? It will help to get a bounce here or there as well. I think we're due.

Just some quick hits from TCF's perspective

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I believe we have the ability to make the playoffs. I also believe we would become very dangerous if we got into the playoffs. But I'm not gonna say we WILL win the superbowl.

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Im thinking we are going to be iin the mix for a wildcard spot. We will need help to get to the playoffs but we will at least be in the conversation.

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I must say, after the Eagles game I felt very down about this team. But after I stepped back and looked at the bigger picture, im more optimisitic. I think we are set for the time being at WR, lets remember this is the same O line minus Kalil and Wharton we went 6-2 with to finish last season.

Our D is going to be phenominal. I still say a sloppy 9-7/10-6 season.

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