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Seattle shouldn't forget DeAngelo Williams (article)

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Another dime by David Newton. I'm really really starting to like this guy. He's way better than Yas has ever been already imo. Anyways here's the meat and potatoes.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- So the Seattle Seahawks say they can't let Cam Newton run on them, that they must force the Carolina Panthers quarterback to throw to beat them.

"Which I don't think he can do,'' Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner said in ESPN.com colleague Terry Blount's report. Two words: DeAngelo Williams

Carolina's goal is to go to a more traditional running game that doesn't rely totally on Newton's legs. Not that they won't use the read-option that was successful a year ago, but they want to use it less and the running backs more.

And my personal favorite....

"We've got a lot of naysayers, man," Williams said. "They can believe what they want to believe, but when the clock starts on Sunday, you ask that defense over there at the end of the game if [we] have a running game, an O-line, a receiver or a quarterback. "They're the ones that will have to defend us."


In that last quote DeAngelo pretty much sums up how the whole country/media looks at us... At least how they'll look at us until Sunday!!!!

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I was impressed with DLo in the preseason. Showed great burst, hit the hold decisively and doesn't appear to show any drop off.


What games were you watching?  Don't get me wrong, I really like DWill and the Panthers as a whole, but his performance, and that of our offense in general during the preseason, was far less than stellar.  In three games (DNP in game 4) here are his stats:



5 for 10


12 for 39 (plus 1 reception for 3)


4 for 2


The only holes I saw him hit were the ones between the butt cheeks of the guys he ran into on two consecutive plays in the Ravens game.

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I wasn't very impressed with Deangelo in the preseason. Hopefully he is just saving it for Sunday. He was out played by a rookie.

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When there were holes to hit, he hit them.


I think some of what we saw was him trying to stay true to the play call and limit the number of times he bounced outside. There were some very uncharacteristic runs into the backs of the O-linemen when there was daylight outside. You could see his helmet turn towards the actual gap- so I have to assume he was told to abide by the play design.


This also makes sense given the youth and question marks on the OL. You want the OL to see on tape what happens when they don't do their jobs. You can't assume the RB is going to bail you out with a good cutback for a positive gain.

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Why is it taboo to point out Cam's inaccuracies in the preseason, yet A-OK to harp on D-Will's performance?

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