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which TV series should i binge watch next?

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Most everything is covered already, but depeding on how you get your shows, watch the first couple seasons of Misfits.  It's a UK show and Season 1 and 2 are both pretty fun.   3 and 4 aren't bad, just not as good.

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The Walking Dead. just in time for you to catch up before the new season starts up in roughly a month. 


Orange is the new black on Netflix was surprisingly pretty damn good. I thought it was gonna be some stupid chick show, but it was great. You can also "binge" on it because the entire 1st season is on Netflix.


Homeland, IMHOis the best show on TV that doesn't come on AMC. We just got season 2 and there's a good chance we finish it up tonight. Plus, it's filmed exclusively in Charlotte. There is a long scene filmed in a church in the first season, I attended a wedding in that very church a few years ago. It's cool seeing stuff like that. 


 Also, I was a huge fan of Extras with Ricky Gervais. My type of dry humor. The entire series is 2 seasons + a TV movie finale, so you can blow through it quickly. It is a British comedy though so you have to not mind an accent and British humor. 


I am a big fan of My Name is Earl. Criminally underrated. 




Just to add a few things...


My girlfriend right now is hooked on Scandal starring Kerry Washington. It comes on ABC and is available on Netflix or Hulu Plus. I tried watching a few episodes and it doesn't really do it for me but it may be one of those shows I have to start from the beginning. 


House of Cards is good, as it centers around a politician from Gaffney SC, but it did lose me a little bit. It never truly "hooked" me, but I still think it's a watchable show. My GF fell asleep several times watching it with me, and I think that's why we don't watch it anymore. I liked it (didn't love it), she didn't care for the show. It did get boring a few times and Kevin Spacey's southern accent is insulting. But it's still better than a lot of stuff that's out. 


The Sopranos is obviously one of the best shows ever made and you are doing yourself a disservice if you've never watched it. The last 3 seasons aren't as good but the first two seasons alone is some of the best TV you will ever see. 


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psychoville (british) if you want something really well written, fuged up, self aware, and morbidly humorous.


but there are only 13 episodes @ 30 mins each.  so you can rip through them fast.

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Can't binge on it but I liked Sherlock.


Also can't get enough Walking.


Started Breaking Bad but only 3 episodes in so far.


Starting 24 as well now that it's getting cool out.  I don't watch TV much during the warm months, on the boat.  I also over do football this time of year so it's tough to "binge" for me.

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A man of my tastes. Entourage, Prison Break, Supernatural, The Office and 24 to start you off. Just started 24 and love it so far after one season the 9th season comes out next year so I'm going to catch up!

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