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Does Cam make his WRs better?

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tiger7_88    13,520

Funnier factoid, Cam faced a CFL caliber secondary

Oh wait... so that logic is only valid when it can be used *against* Cam?

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Jangler    696

No. Cam needs "good" receivers. He's not a Manning, Brady, Brees or Rodgers who can make scrubs look like Pro Bowlers. Cam needs to be put in a Matt Ryan position with two really damn good receivers and a reliable TE. Cam will struggle if weapons are not added. Put Peyton here in Carolina, and LaFail would instantly be a 1k yards receiver. That's just not who Cam is. He doesn't read defense fast enough and decision making is questionable.


Agreed. But Cam also needs a OC and QBs coach that knows how to coach him and use his natural talents, then build a playbook around that. Until this happens... Cam will be wasted and we will continue to have a WR graveyard in Carolina.

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