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Along the Sidelines - Rams Edition

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"I want to love him and hug him and cuddle him and call him George"


Actually I think the best caption might be "How do you open this?" :blink:


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I sit right by the visitors' tunnel. Watching Long march out, taunting the crowd, was awesome. He mad. Someone did hit him with a bottle at the tunnel.


It's at the end of the clip. http://telly.com/1BVQV4F

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Guest Spider Monkey

Just skimmed through the game on DVR. To say Jordan Gross was pissed off at Robert Quinn and stood up for his QB would be the understatement of the year.

In addition to the extracurricular activity he started that erupted the brawl, Jordan went after Quinn during the whistle like a mad man. He looked like the big brother whipping somebody's ass for picking on his little brother.

On 3 consecutive plays right after Quinn hit Cam and ran his mouth Jordan stomped him. All 3 plays Jordan went after him and slammed Quinn into the ground and kept pushing down until the whistle blew . There was a running play with Anderson at QB, and a run play & pass play with Newton in. But on all 3 Jordan went after Quinn and threw his ass to the ground.

On the first 2 Jordan was matched up with Quinn and just mauled him to the ground. Then on the 3rd play, I believe a run, I see Gross flying across the field right through the middle of the play and just truck a dude who is kinda standing around. Gross gets up and walks to the huddle and you see Quinn picking himself off the ground again.

It gave me a good chuckle. #69 loves his QB.

Between that and Cam walking towards the fans, pointing at the field and screaming "this is our motherfuging house" I am in bonerville.

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