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Jonathan Martin

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It's been discussed before, but with word coming out now that he won't be back with the Dolphins, I think it deserves to be discussed again.  Would you want him here?  I say heck yes.  He was the #42 pick less than two years ago and is no dummy, going to Stanford and with Harvard educated parents.  I also think at 24 he should have something to prove with great upside after the whole ordeal and it would be like getting another 2nd round pick for what should be a great deal.  With Martin, Nicks, and maybe Tillman (or similar combo) in FA, GMan could truly feel like Scarface when he saw "The World Is Yours" going into the draft. 



Nope he struggled when he played and was average at best............where trying to improve the offense from "average to elite " not stay at the status quo.

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Texts were released between Martin and Incognito where they were BOTH insulting each other and making rude remarks, so when Martin told everyone he was offended by things that were said in the locker-room he was probably lying. Someone should ask the players if they would want a guy in their locker-room who has done what Martin has done, would like to hear their replies.

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This is interesting from him coming out of college http://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2012jmartin.php



  • Road-grading run blocker
  • Excellent run blocking technique
  • Good hand placement
  • Rides defenders out of plays
  • Kicks out well to set up perimeter runs
  • Mobility to hit blocks on the second level
  • Can play with a mean streak
  • Knee bend
  • Smart
  • Anchors well against bull rushers
  • Recoverability
  • Reliable pass protector
  • Potential to improve his pass protection in the NFL
  • Athletic
  • Has some quickness
  • Durable
  • Experienced 3-year starter 

  • Needs to work on mirroring pass rushers
  • Struggles with some speed rushers
  • Had some false start issues in 2011 

Lol player comparison to Jordan Gross 

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As much as I hate to hear people blaming Martin in the Cognito incident, I agree that his play has been subpar and he would be a gamble at best. 


However, I have played on 2 college teams where older players decided to haze a particular freshman because they do not like him or he screwed up in a game. It can be brutal, and that was nothing compared to what I read. One victim was a good friend of mine and I felt his pain.  If you feel that you do not belong on the team-whether it be social or athletically, it is difficult to focus on excelling.  It rips your confidence to shreds. He wanted to leave school, but some of us talked him out of it.  I secretlly went to the coach about it and it stopped immediately.  I was so disgusted by it, I did not want to play on the team and it was not even happening to me.


When I read that people are calling Martin weak for not taking it like a man, I chuckle at your stupidity.  I only wish you could spend a year or two in a similar situation.  Maybe he was weak and susceptible to bullying.  Maybe he expected to be treated like a professional. 


And maybe the course of action he took to resolve this was more courageous than anything else he could have done because there are millions of turds in the world who think the best way to get self-esteem is to break down someone else's. Now he has to deal with outsiders who do not know him or the details of the situation calling him out. 

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Martin has a past that puts everything he's been through MUCH more into perspective. There's a reason why hes constantly surrounded with allegations and very weird/particular types of drama. I am very familiar with a few coaches and admin members of his past teams over the years, none of which had one positive thing to say about him or his up bringing, in regards to attitude/motivation.

This should all be made public in due time. Theres zero reason to believe he will ever amount to anything.

Did not know things would start to leak out just a week after i said it, but stay tuned folks, theres much MUCH more

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Says Martin, that same minute: “Yeah I’m good man. It’s insane bro but just know I don’t blame you guys at all it’s just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little. Btw… Never check yourself into a mental hospital.”


I hate to speculate, but it really sounds like Martin may be gay or has mental issues and Cog was actually trying to help him.  Sucks to get blindsided the way Martin did to Cog though.





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