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I hear UNC is playing Duke Wednesday

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Of course you do. Id hate having my face rubbed in the ass beating you guys are about to receive. Stay at home if your power goes out.



No one mentioning jay bilas going on record saying they were two miles away and they spent 45 minutes to go a quarter mile!!! Duke conspiracy ftw. Glad you guys need a perfect storm of scenarios to compete. when duke wins by 10+ on the 20th I'll be ready for all the tears and yeah but but but but we shoulda played in the snow.



Would have won last night, will win on the 20th. Then we'll see who's making excuses. Its never Duke was the better team when the game is over. Its always the refs or duke "cheating" or some other excuse. Its funny that I'm making excuses when heels fans are the KINGS of excuses.



K didn't cancel the game UNC's president or whoever did. They should have made Duke forfeit. That's the only way the heels are beating the devils this year.



That's a whole lot of "probably and I bet" in your last few posts. build a fuging court in the football stadium and bring out 40,000 students Duke is still gonna beat that ass. Im glad you and roaring know exactly how everything went down. K got on his bat phone or pulled some Jedi mind tricks and had everything shut down. Got it.




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Guest Dark Knight

Fastest to 300 wins in the ACC not to shabby. I'm just hoping for a competitive game. I no PussyKat I would be your top choice for the other ticket, but unfortunately I'm in TX. Rain check though gives us plenty of time to hash out these differences we have buddy. Anyways have fun & I will say UNC by 5

Fastest all-time to 700 wins.

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