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We just Smacked the Pistons. Cavs are on fire.

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Charlotte has 2 players better than anyone Cleveland has & we already smacked them around twice this season.

They aren't passing us.

Expect Kyrie Irving to turn it on. He wants LeBron to come join him next year in Cleveland and he knows LeBron will only come if they stop looking like the train wreck of the first half of the season. He's going to start giving 110% rather than the 80-90% from the first half of the year.

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The Cavs have won 7straight, and we just smacked the pistons kemba had 24pt & a career high 16 ast. What is our outlook on the rest of the year? If Cleveland stays hot and passes us which I believe will happen, do we tank it out? Or try to fight for the not so coveted 8th seed?


I say continue to play decent basketball.  The 8th spot is more lucrative then the 7th spot this year.  I'd rather have Cleveland pass us and stay in the eight seed.  Unless somehow we can make a run to the 5th spot....which could give us hope to actually win a playoff series.  


So Cleveland is getting hot but we're stilling play better ball then the current 6th and 7th seeds. 


Like I said....I'd rather see Indiana then Miami round 1.  Indiana is very beatable with our roster.



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