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The Much Anticipated Stirs 2nd of 3 Mocks

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that is what I am looking for in each pick.


As far as LT prospects go, the big three will be gone within the first 10-12 picks.  Martin will also be gone by pick 28, so with no great LT or WR at 28, I chose to trade down and pick a WR in Matthews who represents good value at 35 rather than 28.


At 60th pick, I could have taken another receiver, but when looking at Mewhort, who can become a good/great LT, and has faced great competition, I felt like he would be a good pick.  And besides, what is left except a lot of big guys who are more suited to the RT position?


Have you paid attention to the size of the Falcon and Saints receivers?  Brees killed us in the dome by lobbing extremely accurate passes over our guys, who were I might add playing them very tight.  It was not bad coverage, but just tall against short.  McGill, I think, can be very good, especially in our zone.  Remember, he has played Safety most of his career and then made the difficult switch to CB


Robert Herron will probably not last to the end of the 3rd, but I was hoping.


Britt, I do not think can be a great LT, but can handle the RT position for a long time.


Coming out of the draft with two OT's, one CB, two WR's, a TE and possible surprise player at DE worked for me.

I think we have a lot of young CB's, very young, that will get better and there was no need to draft 2, just one guy that can help our matchups.


I can live with McGill in the 3rd round, but he wouldnt be my first option. He's better suited for Seattle than here in Carolina.  He's more of a press man corner than zone guy. We wouldnt be doing him a favor by drafting him.


McGill tend to play too far off his man. He's not a physical corner, struggles to get off blocks, lack the effort to tackle, and doesnt play the run well. However, McGill does a good job playing the ball in the air, and showed at the combine that he's pretty fluid.


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