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Kuech the Sneak

Telvin Smith visited today

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231, 233, 235 depending on your source, the point is he's not the biggest out there and he gets the job done.


You're the one saying he's maxed out at 218. Most players put on some weight when they enter a pro strength and conditioning program. I see a changing league where the rules are getting redefined for players on an almost yearly bases. I don't see a player that shy's away from contact in Telvin. I see a player that can help combat rules that favor passing teams. There aren't many power backs left in the league, can he shed blocks, does he have good instincts, these are things I'm more concerned about than his weight.


Shazier wasn't a particularly big LB at OSU either.

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I wonder if we are going to use more three safety looks. Seems like alot of teams are goin to this year.

Don't want to toot my own horn, but, I have been saying all along Rivera wants those S/CB hybrids. Keek, and TD surrounded by 5 Ss. With our front 4, and the pressure they can generate. Zone coverage, with more eyes on the QB, the ability to see errant throws, and keep the play in front of you designs. Fits what the bigger S type guys can do. Along with better tackling, and run support, they make a good case for having their own formation.

Ah hellz. As soon as you think you have it figured out. Someone like Cam comes along and throws a big ol' King Kong wrench into the works.

Tackling. It is an integral detail to playing DB for Rivera. To a point. But S type Zone Coverage CBs could be the wave of the future. LBers are trending smaller to cover better. S are trending bigger to make up for it.



David weighs 235. At what point does 10 pounds become not important? 208 is only 10 pounds lighter than Smith. Would that still be alright? All I'm saying is at some point the weight does become an issue and 218 is awfully light for an NFL LB.

Adding 7 LBs puts him at 225. That sound good for todays NFL. If you want cover LBers, he fits your bill. If you want your LBers to stop the run first, he would fall a little short. Not fair to compare two different schemes.

Most teams don't have LBers that can both stop the run, and cover. So you have to substitute. Sometimes that can bite you on the azz. We are lucky to have both Keek and TD. Playing this well. Playing together. With this front 4. Dude.

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what is up with all the people thinking "today's NFL" has safeties playing LB?

yes you see that in college with the spread offenses. in college.

So true. Welcome to the NFL, guys. Nothing but smash mouth two back sets from here on out!

Fast LB's that can play in space have no use in the NFL.

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I don't know much about the guy so my opinion ain't going to mean much. But if the guy is solid player I say take him. That is if he is around in the 4th or beyond. With most of out needs been on offense right now. I don't see DG focusing on D in the first 3 rounds at least. We ain't really in the market for a LBer right now. We have enough guys at LBer this year. Depending what TD decides to do after this year or DG decides to let him go depending on how he plays this season. LBer position can be address in next years draft. But the first 3 rounds will be all offense. I bet you that much.

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