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Mandatory Reading (shiny hood ornament theory)

18 March 2014 - 10:07 AM

Panthercougar68 posted this article in the Bill Voth thread and I think it articulates what I believe is probably Gettleman's philosophy in regard to FA WRs.
Read it. Especially if you are shrieking like a middle school girl that just found out that 'One Direction' broke up about our WR situation.


Donald LaFell primed for Super Bowl success!

16 December 2013 - 09:52 AM

We all know that Donald shows up and totally balls out approximately every seven weeks.
Guess what happens in seven weeks? That's right, the Super Bowl. Kaboom.

This week we also learned that this team can win while wearing the greatest uniforms in NFL history and without an SCP smack thread. Pow.

2013. .....13...... Black Cat. I'm blowing your minds, I know. 10 wins. Pie me, b!tches.

My Shula prediction for Sunday

16 October 2013 - 09:34 AM

As we all know, the biggest knock on Shula is his conservative/predictable game planning and failure to make adjustments. The only games we have won are the ones where his plans worked and required no adjustments.

My prediction for Sunday:
The Rams are questionable against the run. We have a great run game, right? Shula will call a game that will make even John Fox say, "Damn, you gotta run a play action or some poo every now and then!" (Verbatim)
They will stack 11 in the box. Cam will have one pass attempt, which Donald Lafell will drop. We score 3 on a Gano 55 yarder.
Please prove me wrong, Shula. If you do, I will refer to you as "Magic Mike" for the remainder if the season. As I am a very influential huddler, it will surely catch on.
Thanks and God bless.

Are we using an antique blueprint?

16 September 2013 - 11:16 AM

Rambling thoughts on our beloved Panthers' direction.

Cam- Are we trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by making Cam fit into a "tradiontional" NFL offense? What offense should Cam be running? Everyone is in love with Chip Kelly and Russell Wison, Keap, RG3, etc. are these "innovative"/college offenses sustainable? It could be argued that the RG3 experiment is on the brink of failure. The more traditional Ravens O got the best of Kaep and Co. In the Super Bowl, and the Seahaws D got the best of Kaep last night after he had been ordained best QB if all time by ESPN.
I know Tom Bradys and Peyton Mannings grow on trees. Cam is awesome, but he can't do what they do. He seems to he a single read QB. Before I get crucified by the "Cam can do no wrong" crowd, I'll just add, Cam can do plenty of things that those guys can't. Should we be emphasizing those things?

And Gettleman- Gman came in and made some tough decisions, cutting Gamble, restructuring D-Will, Beason etc. He seems to be on the right track as far as getting us out if cap hell. But is he building a team that can win in today's NFL. I'm starting to doubt the "the front 7 masks a sh!t secondary" philosophy. I think Seattle is proving that in today's passing league, a dominat secondary shuts teams down.
I used to think that if you had big enough, strong enough guys in the trenches, you could impose your will on the other teams. I'm starting to doubt that.

TL/DR version- Are we building this team too old school, especially since we have arguably the premier new-school QB?

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