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#1737784 Jstew Possible Pothead?

Posted by jramsey4 on 20 April 2012 - 11:14 AM

Well, we might think there's nothing wrong with it but the law doesn't.

And? If the law says you cant use caffine are we all going to stop drinking coffee? Just because a bunch of morons make something illegal doesn't make it wrong.

#1709322 2012 Mock offseason and draft-Draft

Posted by jramsey4 on 29 March 2012 - 07:31 PM

Brown select with 165th pick Akiem Hicks DT Regina.

#1699260 Bucs Re-Sign Veteran Cb Ronde Barber

Posted by jramsey4 on 22 March 2012 - 12:25 PM

Yah 07' guess who we pass up on? Revis!
If Claiborne is there we better take him or ima go hang myself in a saints jersey

We missed Revis but it netted two probowlers. I'll take that trade off.

#1696609 Conversation On Espn Article About The Tolbert Signing.

Posted by jramsey4 on 20 March 2012 - 03:51 PM

"RBs are a dime a dozen" is literally the dumbest argument made on these boards

Do you honestly think I care what you think?

#1694232 Panthers Agree With Tolbert On 4 Year Deal

Posted by jramsey4 on 19 March 2012 - 10:40 AM

I know Im in the minority here but if we can get a 1st outta Stewart, I would be ecstatic with this move. Tolbert is a poor mans Stewart so there wouldn't be a huge amount of dropoff. Not to mention Stewart could be one of the few featured backs in the NFL if he goes to the right team. His talents are wasted here. If we could recoup a 1st after using him for 4 years then win win IMO.

#1658188 An in depth look at Hurney's tenure as GM

Posted by jramsey4 on 20 February 2012 - 12:26 PM

Hurney has made some stupid, stupid moves. Yet he's made some extremely wise ones. He's like Jake Delhomme but in GM form.

That is an excellent analogy. Both leave something to be desired but stick because every once in a while they hit one out of the ballpark (mixing metaphors aside).

#1656859 JR4's Pre-Comine Mock

Posted by jramsey4 on 18 February 2012 - 03:30 PM

There is a lot of debate about what our 1st pick will be (as is the case every year) with a lot of people wanting Brockers or a CB or OL. I fall into the latter. As much as I would love some great DT prospect to be there when we pick there is not one. Brockers is at best raw potential and I have a problem using a top 10 pick on potential alone.

Before anyone says it there is a huge difference between Cam last year and Brockers this year. Cam had one of the most dominating seasons in college football history. Brockers had an average season. So I am being a realist I don't want us reaching for a need. If I had my way we would make a strong push for Jason Jones in FA to bring in one of the best interior pass rushers to our line and then address NT in the draft (or sign Garay or my ideal chose if the Lions don't RFA him is Sammie Lee Hill) so I am going into this mock with that assumption.

1st Pick: David Decastro RG

If it is possible I would like us to trade down to 12-15 range just to pick up the 3rd we lost. To me this is the pick that makes the most sense when you combine value and need. RG is a position of need I don't care how good our O looked last year the ROL looked like crap. Getting Decastro which many (including myself) are calling the best G prospect in a decade would be huge to solidify the right side of our OL. He is great in all areas of the game with no weaknesses just differing levels of strengths. If Otah could stay healthy this line would be the best in the league bar none. This would allow our running game to be more dominate and will give Cam more time to let his receivers get open. Ideally we could move down a couple of spots and pick up a 2nd or 3rd but that seems unlikely. I would still rather have one of the best G's in the league then a DT thats a project.

2nd Round: Alameda Taamu NT

I can remember when Taamu was considered a lock in round 1 but an inconsistent off-season has him tumbling down draft boards. I had real concerns about him going round 1 as he really is a one trick pony but in the 2nd he has tremendous value. He is a solid run stuffer but is terrible at creating pass rush. He also at times seems to get pushed off the line even at his gargantuan size (6'2 350). What I do like about him is he is huge with crazy athleticism for a guy of his size and he is a solid run stuffer (he is also praised for a relentless work ethic). Of course this pick changes if we sign Garay or Jones to someone like Curry.

3rd Round (trade): Trumaine Johnson CB

6'2 205 lbs Trumaine Johnson is my Fav CB prospect in this draft. He is a converted receiver and thus has tremendous ball skills and at his size he can fight for the ball. He has excellent potential in both man and zone (however he is very inexperienced in zone). Doesn't have elite speed but can keep up with all but the fastest receivers. He plays with physicality in the run game but to often goes for the big play instead of wrapping up. Johnson has the potential to be one of the best DB's in this draft.

4th Round: TY Hilton WR

Hilton is one of those prospects you wonder why there is no hype about them. The kid is a straight up game-changer. As a freshman he had 41 rec 1,013 yards and 7 td receiving, 36 returns for 843 yards and 1 TD at kick return, and 18 ret 266 yards and 1 td at punt return. He was bothered by nagging injuries as a sophomore but still led the team in receiving (57-632-5) and kickoff returns (22-633-1), then returned to form strong enough to be named Sun Belt Player of the Year for his play in 2010 (59-848-5 rec, 30-282-4 rush, 29-833-2 KR, 20-126 PR), helping FIU win its first Sun Belt title. This year he had another strong year (71-1038-7 rec, 18-548-0 KR, 8-186-1). He has outstanding hands and YAC ability as well as being a hell of a good return man. He is undersized (5-10 190) but that stereotype should long be dead. He has excellent speed and a very good work ethic. In short a solid eventual replacement for Smith.

5th Round: Keenan Robinson OLB

Robinson is 6'3 240 lbs and is an excellent fit at Weakside LB (in other words TD insurance). He plays nasty and that will result in the occasional penalty but to me thats a good thing not a bad one (I like my LB to lay the wood on players and make O players fear them). He has excellent sideline to sideline speed and is a solid tackler. He is also solid in pass coverage but he was never asked to pass rush often so is raw in that regard. All in all he is well rounded WLB that has the potential to develop into a great player. Why he is projected to go in the 5th is beyond me.

6th round: Marc Tyler RB

This is one I only include because I don't see us resigning Stewart next year and I think we will need a power change up when he leaves. Marc Tyler (5'11 230lbs) has a ton of talent but has the worst luck when it comes to staying healthy (3 different injuries in 5 years). His last year of HS he injured his leg and RS his freshman year, Then in 09 he injured his toe and only play 1 game. In 2010 he had his best year (117 car, 913 yards, 5.3 YPC and 9 tds). Then he played through a shoulder injury all this year. Balanced runner with low pad level and tough to bring down. He has the power to pick up positive yardage after initial contact. Tyler has better feet than expected to keep defenders off balance in the open field. He is a decisive, north/south runner with good leg drive and physicality, never quitting on plays. He has good vision and does a nice job seeing the holes and running to daylight. He is also solid pass catcher out of the backfield and gives good effort in pass protection. If he can stay healthy he will be a super sleeper.

7th Round: Matt Conrath DE

Conrath played out of position his entire career at Va. Lining him up at UT at 6'7” 280 makes you wonder what there smoking. He is ideally suited for strong-side DE in our scheme (or 5 tech in a 3-4). He is excellent against the run but considering he lined up at DT his whole career its hard to project how he will be at pass rushing coming off the edge. He has outstanding athleticism for a man of his size and has long arms to boot. Also one added bonus he is terrific at blocking Fgs. I see him as a RE on running downs and occasionally kick him inside on pass downs. Reminds me a lot of Calais Campbell

#1457052 For those who wanted Patrick Peterson....

Posted by jramsey4 on 12 October 2011 - 04:58 PM

I'm gonna call bull on that Ray. I don't believe ANYONE knew he was going to be this good. Other than Auburn fans and his parents. Oh and warren moon. If you truly did, good for you man. I wish I had your insight.

He did as did I. At 1st I had reservations but the more I read about him (from his Coaches and Teammates) the more I was convinced he would be a good one. I remember how much crap we got for it as well.

To be fair though I didn't think he would be this good this fast. I also tried to warn you all that PP7 wasn't as good as he was hyped up to be.


#1453280 Put this one on Rivera and staff

Posted by jramsey4 on 10 October 2011 - 08:35 PM

my main question is would Newton be on our team and would he have been starting at this point with Fox at the helm? would Olsen and Shockey be here to help Smitty?

None of those can be seriously answered with a Yes if Fox was here..

IF Newton was drafted, he wouldn't be starting. I doubt he'd be drafted anyhow. Shockey wouldn't have been grabbed before the lockout and Olsen wouldn't have been grabbed after the lockout.

The QB position would still be a huge unknown and our TE position would still live in the stone age going underutilized.. forcing us YET AGAIN to go with Smitty as our only real threat on offense as a receiver.

those little tidbits there have energized our team, and are huge differences between 9 years of Foxball and 5 games of Rivera..

as far as our defense goes, the guy has put two #1 defenses together in the NFL with 2 different schemes.. I feel pretty good about our chances of tightening that up in the future.

is it lame people still complain about Fox? IMO, not really.. he gave a lot of people many resentments and 1 year later, they SURELY won't vanish.

we've met, I respect your opinion a lot.. but as far as Fox goes, good riddance and we'll see if Denver ever gets over that QB issue.. I think coaches have their weaknesses and Fox's will always be doing what it takes to get him over the hump.. in 2-3 years it'll become evident what Rivera's weaknesses are..

I wish people would stop using the "He's better then Fox" argument. Thats like saying he's the tallest man in a room full of midgets. There is hope with RR but lets start judging the man by his success instead of against Fox's failures. And unfortunately aside from the purely superficial argument that we look better we have the exact same record we had the same time last year.

#1450032 Why?

Posted by jramsey4 on 09 October 2011 - 07:31 PM

There's nothing like a thread bitching about people that are bitching.

#1449973 We can play with anyone

Posted by jramsey4 on 09 October 2011 - 07:14 PM

Yeah we can play with them, we just can't beat them. I don't want to fire our coaching staff I just want the homers to stop making excuses for them. They haven't been doing a good job and they need to improve as much as the players they are coaching.

#1442071 Otah, Shockey and Hang did not practice

Posted by jramsey4 on 05 October 2011 - 03:14 PM

He hasn't been ruled out and only missed 1 game this year.

Listen I never said I wanted to cut the guy. When healthy hes a beast in the run game I know this but I think were putting to much faith in a guy thats so oft injured. If he can stay healthy he should make a beast of a RG.

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