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#3357463 Lesean McCoy on Chip Kelly: "There's a reason Chip got rid of all the...

Posted by nctarheel0619 on Yesterday, 10:07 AM

This thread calls for the Michael Jordan laughing gif


#3356681 Cam needs to step up this year

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 05 May 2015 - 03:44 PM

I'm pretty sure the anyone with half a football mind can make some pretty solid Educated guesses that the talent he's had to throw to in his career as a Panther hasn't been "consistent". the Oline rankings show that's not been consistent. 2 OC's on top of that (completely different styles)... yeah, those a major factors.


Yes, he needs to work on his footwork. We have all been saying that since he got to the NFL.


Even in the past season I saw Game make "better" and "more decisive" reads. And Hell, even the best Qb's make those mistakes. that's a fluid thing with new defensive alignments and match-ups. Part of the game. but, I personally feel he's done pretty well at progressing there in the past 2 seasons.


No one is argue'n that Cam doesn't need to do better on things. And if they are, that's just idiotic. But, to think it's solely on his shoulders to carry the team and "elevate his game" to the next level... that's what he has been trying to let go of. He's said it himself. He can't expect to be the guy to always make the play. he has t trust his teammates. Work together as a team and elevate to those standards.


It's happening. The Panthers as a team are getting younger, and learning together. young players learning together. working together. staying together for a consistent solid number of years will wield results.

It's been a mixed bag for Cam.


He's young. (as his Coaching staff has been as well when it comes to their careers are certain positions. Not to mention the new philosophy from the GM standpoint that's only been in for 2 years, and gave a statement of doubt that Cam would even be that franchise QB) it's a process. And I for one see it progressing.

Here's to the Future. Here's to the whole offense building together upon itself... And here's to a championship in the near future.


Since you use the talent to throw to as a reason.  Would you say Russel Wilson is better than him then?  Because Russel had a bunch of undrafted free agents to throw to before he got Jimmy.  

#3356518 ESPN NFL Post Draft Power Rankings

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 05 May 2015 - 01:34 PM

Haha that was good


#3356457 ESPN NFL Post Draft Power Rankings

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 05 May 2015 - 12:54 PM

Oh I expect both Norwell and Turner to compete for any of the starting positions they can win.


But I think that our line will be the best with all of them on the field in some manner. Finding the right combination is the key.


I have it like this


LT - Oher and Martin will compete for starter and back-up role.

LG - Norwell (maybe trade places at RT with Williams if he is decidedly better at that position)

C - Khalil

RG - Turner 

RT - Williams, Norwell and Martin will compete.


Either way I think all three of them will start in some combnation, and that combination may be twerked as the season progresses.

I think you're excluding Remmers as well.  

#3356353 ESPN NFL Post Draft Power Rankings

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 05 May 2015 - 12:01 PM

2015 Power Rankings: Offseason 

1. Seahawks
Last Week: 1 Are three straight Super Bowls possible while not making a first-round pick in each of those years? We'll find out with the Seahawks this season. 2
2. Patriots
Last Week: 2 The Patriots used the draft to bulk up the offensive and defensive lines, drafting six linemen in the first five rounds. The average weight of the Patriots' first seven picks was 276 pounds. 3
3. Packers

Last Week: 3 The Packers have used eight of their 10 first-round picks on defense since drafting Aaron Rodgers. The Packers haven't ranked higher than 13th in opponent PPG since winning the Super Bowl after the 2010 season. 4

4. Broncos
Last Week: 4 The Broncos grabbed DE Shane Ray to rush the passer along with Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware. The Broncos' pass rush ranked fourth in generating pressure last season. 5
5. Colts

Last Week: 8 Miami Colts? Andrew Luck will be surrounded with Hurricanes in 2015. The Colts drafted Miami WR Phillip Dorsett after adding Frank Gore and Andre Johnson this offseason. 6

6. Cowboys
Last Week: 5 The Cowboys rushed more than any other team last season, but didn't draft a RB to replace DeMarco Murray. That leaves Darren McFadden, who has one 16-game season in his career, as the lead back. 7
7. Ravens
Last Week: 11 The priority in the draft? Find Joe Flacco someone to throw to. The Ravens drafted four pass-catchers after losing Torrey Smith and Owen Daniels this offseason. 8

Last Week: 10 The Cardinals drafted OT D.J. Humphries 24th overall, the first OT drafted by the Cardinals since 2007. No surprise after losing two quarterbacks to injury last season. 9

9. Steelers
Last Week: 6 The Steelers selected three defensive backs in a draft for the first time since 1995 after losing Troy Polamalu, Ike Taylor and Brice McCain this offseason. 10
10. Bengals
Last Week: 9 The Bengals drafted offensive tackles with their first two picks; both of their starters at the position are free agents after this season. Smart for the future, but might not help this year. 11
Last Week: 12 The offensive additions made headlines for Chip Kelly, but the Eagles signed or drafted a combined six cornerbacks this offseason. Only three teams allowed more passing touchdowns than Philly in 2014. 12
Last Week: 7 Detroit went offensive line and running back with its first two picks. Matthew Stafford's streak of four years with 600-plus pass attempts may finally come to an end. 13
Last Week: 16 San Diego made only five picks in the 2015 draft, but they kept Philip Rivers and gave him a new weapon in RB Melvin Gordon. Will that be enough to keep Rivers around? 14
Last Week: 13 Forcing turnovers was a problem for the 9-7 Chiefs last season. First-round pick Marcus Peters (CB) should help improve on Kansas City's league-low six interceptions in 2014. 15
Last Week: 19 A lot of new faces will be surrounding Ryan Tannehill in 2015, including Greg Jennings and first-round pick DeVante Parker. Will they be enough to get Miami to improve on its 8-8 finish in 2014? 16
Last Week: 15 Carolina's linebackers were already among the best with Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis each notching 100-plus tackles last season. Now they're joined by Shaq Thompson (25th overall pick). 17
Last Week: 14 Who wants to play the Texans this year? Houston added two more defensive players with its first two picks to join J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, Vince Wilfork and Co. this season. 18
Last Week: 17 The Bills' first pick in the draft was 50th overall, and they took a cornerback. The Bills have the most interceptions the past two seasons. Safe to say they had more pressing needs. 19
19. Saints
Last Week: 21 Preparing for the future? The Saints grabbed QB Garrett Grayson in the third round, the highest they've selected a quarterback since Archie Manning in 1971 (second overall). 20
Last Week: 18 It was just a fifth-round pick, but did the 49ers really need to draft a punter with so many other holes to plug? Especially considering nobody else took a punter or kicker? 21
Last Week: 22 Only one Week 1 starter from the Rams' offensive line in 2014 is still with the team. The fix to that problem? Drafting a league-high four offensive linemen. 22
Last Week: 25 Can first-round pick Vic Beasley finally provide the Falcons with some pass-rushing help? No team has had fewer sacks over the past three seasons (83). 23
23. Giants
Last Week: 24 Drafting an offensive tackle ninth overall may not seem sexy, but the Giants ranked 30th in yards per rush last season, despite their running backs ranking 10th in yards after contact. 24
Last Week: 20 Minnesota quietly went 7-9 last season and has now made 49 picks in the past five drafts. Can Teddy Bridgewater lead this young team back to the playoffs? 25
Last Week: 27 Rex Ryan is gone but defense is still the priority. The Jets drafted DE Leonard Williams sixth overall after adding Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Buster Skrine, Marcus Gilchrist and Stephen Bowen this offseason. 26
26. Bears
Last Week: 26 The Bears went offense with three of their first four picks, including WR Kevin White (seventh overall). How will that help a defense that allowed the second-most points last season? 27
Last Week: 28 Robert Griffin III probably appreciates the Redskins' selection of an offensive lineman with the fifth overall pick. Only the Jaguars allowed more sacks than the Redskins last season. 28
Last Week: 23 The Browns drafted a league-high 12 players, including three front-seven defenders in the first three rounds. The Browns allowed a league-worst 2,265 rushing yards last season. 29
Last Week: 29 Derek Carr averaged the third-fewest yards per attempt in NFL history in 2014 (minimum 500 attempts). Amari Cooper's big-play ability should help raise that average. 30
Last Week: 30 Jacksonville signed Julius Thomas this offseason. It has also drafted four wide receivers the past two years, as well as RB T.J. Yeldon. This season will tell us a lot about Blake Bortles. 31
Last Week: 31 Jameis Winston was the big prize on draft day, as offense is clearly the priority in Tampa. Lovie Smith has used 12 of his 13 picks with the Bucs on offensive players. 32
Last Week: 32 Quarterbacks drafted second overall since 1967: Robert Griffin III, Donovan McNabb, Ryan Leaf, Rick Mirer, Bert Jones, Archie Manning. Where will Marcus Mariota rate among this group when all is said and done?



#3356274 Steph Curry makes us proud to be a Panthers fans

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 05 May 2015 - 11:20 AM

those would look great on the floor tho.


#3356065 Mel Kiper was only 22 percent accurate with his picks

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 05 May 2015 - 09:28 AM

How did ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper's final mock draft stack up against what really happened? How accurate was the expert?

At a quick glance at 2015, it appears not very. Kiper correctly predicted seven first-round picks, just 22 percent. He was able to predict the landing spots for Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Amari Cooper, Ereck Flowers, Trae Waynes, Danny Shelton and Melvin Gordon, but missed on the rest. 

Kiper also took a crack at the first three rounds, undoubtedly a much more difficult task. He predicted that the Buccaneers would take Winston at No. 1, and they did. In the second round, he had the team taking offensive tackle D.J. Humphries – right position, wrong player. And he missed both the position and player in predicting Florida State defensive end to become a Buccaneer in the third round. 

Here’s a look at Mel Kiper’s final mock draft. The player actually selected at that position in in parenthesis. 

1. Jameis Winston, Buccaneers (Jameis Winston) 
2. Marcus Mariota, Titans (Marcus Mariota) 
3. Leonard Williams, Jaguars (Dante Fowler Jr.) 
4. Amari Cooper, Raiders (Amari Cooper) 
5. Dante Fowler Jr., Redskins (Brandon Scherff)
6. Kevin White, Jets (Leonard Williams)
7. Brandon Scherff, Bears (Kevin White)
8. Bud Dupree, Falcons (Vic Beasley) 
9. Ereck Flowers, Giants (Ereck Flowers) 
10. Devante Parker, Rams (Todd Gurley)
11. Trae Waynes, Vikings (Trae Waynes) 
12. Danny Shelton, Browns (Danny Shelton) 
13. Vic Beasley, Saints (Andrus Peat)
14. Kevin Johnson, Dolphins (DeVante Parker) 
15 (17). Melvin Gordon, Chargers (Melvin Gordon) 
16. Landon Collins, Texans (Kevin Johnson) 
17 (15). Todd Gurley, 49ers (Arik Armstead)
18. Breshad Perriman, Chiefs (Marcus Peters)
19. Nelson Agholor, Browns (Cameron Erving)
20. Byron Jones, Eagles (Nelson Agholor)
21. Andrus Peat, Bengals (Cedric Ogbuehi) 
22. Damarious Randall, Steelers (Bud Dupree)
23 (28). Cameron Erving, Broncos (Shane Ray)
24. Arik Armstead, Cardinals (D.J. Humphries)
25. D.J. Humphries, Panthers (Shaq Thompson)
26. Marcus Peters, Ravens (Breshad Perriman)
27. Preston Smith, Cowboys (Byron Jones)
28 (23) Malcom Brown, Lions (Laken Tomlinson)
29. Jake Fisher, Colts (Phillip Dorsett)
30. Eric Kendricks, Packers (Damarious Randall)
31. Phillip Dorsett, Saints (Stephone Anthony)

32. Cedric Ogbuehi, Patriots (Malcom Brown)

#3355024 Are there huddlers hoping for a Panthers failure?

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 04 May 2015 - 03:07 PM


#3355019 Six Teams not including us called for the Rams 41st pick

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 04 May 2015 - 03:05 PM

I wanted Hardy, yup my bias :), but I am thrilled we drafted Devin. He is the opposite of KB in terms of traits, excellent compliment.

Please don't tell me you'll root for Hardy still even though hes on the Falcons?  

#3354787 The Reason we made the trade for Devin Funchess

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 04 May 2015 - 01:16 PM

Only thing that worries me is his drop rate.

To be fair, Gardner was absolutely horrific as a passer at Michigan.  

#3354729 Six Teams not including us called for the Rams 41st pick

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 04 May 2015 - 12:45 PM

As Fisher, Snead and COO Kevin Demoff huddled in the team's crowded war room to affirm their strategy, assistant secondary coach Brandon Fisher gestured toward his father and explained, "He's thinking 'trade down,' because the board is talking to us. If you have a bunch of players who you basically rate the same, and you're happy to get any one of them, then moving down is the smart play."

If trading down was the call, seldom had a message rung so loudly and clearly in real time. About five seconds after the Rams were on the clock for the 41st overall selection, the Kansas City Chiefs called with an offer -- and five other teams followed suit shortly thereafter. After a furious, five-and-a-half minute stretch of constant communication, Fisher, Snead and Demoff finalized a deal with the Carolina Panthers, moving down 16 spots in the second round while snagging extra picks in the third and sixth rounds.



#3354112 Congrats to Roaring Riot! Keeping Panthers fans together nationwide!

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 04 May 2015 - 07:15 AM

Since 2008, the Roaring Riot fan group has grown each year from a few fans to hundreds tailgating for Panthers’ home games and traveling to an away game.

Now, the group is going nationwide.

On Monday, Roaring Riot founder Zack Luttrell will announce the seven new chapters across the country that will assemble every Sunday the Panthers play.

“If you’re outside of Charlotte and want to find the game, hopefully we have the network where you can find where the game is on and have a great time,” Luttrell said. “Our goal is for a Panthers fan to be anywhere in the United States and be able to look up where a Roaring Riot club is and join us.”



Panthers nation salutes you, good sir!  



#3349995 Carolina Panthers Trade Up Select Oklahoma's Daryl Williams

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 02 May 2015 - 11:21 AM

Dude was a beast for us the last two years. Underrated get! Boomer Sooner baby!

#3345488 Top 3 Offensive Targets In Round 2

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 01 May 2015 - 07:18 AM

I'd post dick pics

Good for you, I would thoroughly enjoy the pick.  DGB and Kelvin Benjamin.  



#3345415 Top 3 Offensive Targets In Round 2

Posted by nctarheel0619 on 01 May 2015 - 06:48 AM

What if DGB falls to us? Too talented to say no at that point.