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In Topic: Bersin Expected to Make Team; Must Change Number

Yesterday, 04:08 PM

Nice. He can ball and his hair is sexy (no homo).

In Topic: 16 year old girl almost got kidnapped in Ballantyne in the middle of the day

27 August 2014 - 07:49 PM

Haha wow. This thread. Guys I've started a new cult called Misanthropy Ministries. All you need to join is a burning, undying hatred of all humanity. PM me for details. Serious inquiries only; your hatred has to be extreme.

If the level is not quite there.....just browse the tinderbox or yahoo article comment sections.

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In Topic: A teenager, Dillon Taylor, gets shot and killed by Police Officer

27 August 2014 - 12:05 PM

before this devolves into straw men and red herrings, here is the heart of the matter:


when a man punches another man, it's not news. when a man punches a woman, it's news. why? because differing power dynamics and social consciousness that goes along with recognizing the imbalance in those power dynamics, that's why.


i'm not comparing blacks:whites to men:women; only making an analogy. but it's an effective one and sheds some light onto why you have mass protests in ferguson and not in SLC. simply put, police are representatives of historically and contemporarily white-dominated power structures. white-on-black police brutality carries a very recent historical connotation that drives and even defines the relationship between power, authority, and the african-american community. therefore, a white cop killing a black kid is weighted down by the very social problems that likely produced it to begin with. it becomes a lens into a much greater problem facing our communities.


the white kid being shot by a cop is a problem and shot not be minimized, but it is not representative of as many fundamental social problems as the ferguson incident.


as usual, attempts at reason like the above ^ will likely be eschewed in favor of ridiculous adherence to script: blaming the liberal MSM's agenda, "black culture," and political correctness. but IMO… this gets to the core of it.


/ fuging thread.  PhillyB dropping knowledge nukes.  Unfortunately your efforts are wasted on those afflicted with lifelong ignorance, shortsightedness, and a general inability to understand the fluid dynamics of complex social issues.

In Topic: Screw this stupid negativity. Post in this thread if you think the Panthers m...

26 August 2014 - 07:45 PM

Kings of the South once again.

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In Topic: 5th Annual Predict the Panthers record - game by game version 2014

26 August 2014 - 07:16 PM

Have some delicious pie for predicting a 14-2 record, and then adding that we'd better make the damn playoffs while we're at it.


Ok.  I see you are confused, so I'm going to break things down Barney style for you.  I am hoping for a 14-2 record.  Whether or not that actually happens is impossible to predict accurately at this point (and most probably highly unlikely).  So my statement pretty much tacitly admits that a 14-2 record might be a pipe dream, but I at least hope we make the playoffs (because that would be good and I don't want to be out $50).


But congrats on your snarkiness/sarcasm/whatever.  

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