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28 March 2015 - 11:09 AM

Round 1 (25)- Randy Gregory DE / Nebraska


I typically stay away from players who fail a drug test before the biggest pay day of your life, I mean how stupid can you be to smoke it up in a situation that could cost you millions of dollars. That being said, Gregory has the frame to grow into an elite 4-3 pass rusher and in my opinion has the highest ceiling of any DE in the draft. It wouldn't surprise me if he still goes before our pick with teams like the Bengals and Saints that couldn't care less what crime you commit, but if he's there at #25 I don't think Gettleman will let 1 second go by before the card has been handed in.




Round 2 (57)- Quinten Rollins CB / Miami of Ohio


The Panthers have been looking a lot of CB's during the draft process and if one of BPA value falls to Gettleman in the 2nd I think he'll grab them. Who would expect the Panthers to go defense with their first two picks when we have glaring needs at OT and WR? Rollins has great fluidity and has a very high ceiling even with his limited football experience. Some mocks have him going in the 1st but it wouldn't surprise me if he went mid 2nd with the possibility of dropping to us.




Round 3 (89) - Duke Johnson RB / Miami


Running backs typically fall a bit in the draft so Johnson being available in the 3rd wouldn't be that big of a surprise. Duke wouldn't instantly give the Panthers a shifty play maker at RB and give Cam a weapon to check down to on occasion. 


Round 3 (late) - Cedric Ogbuehi OT / Texas A&M (Trade 4th and 5th round pick)


With the current plethora of free agency moves by Gettleman I'm starting to believe that he'll only draft an OT in the 1st if it's the exact OT he wants. It's clear that Gettleman doesn't want to reach for an OT and will likely look for a later round prospect to train up into the position. Ogbuehi makes a lot of sense considering his recovery from ACL surgery might keep him from playing early but with the move Gettleman has made, we could bring Ogbuehi along slowly and eventually get great value out of the pick. 




Round 5 (169)- Clayton Geathers SS / UCF


A big safety prospect with great athleticism. Will have to be worked into the roster but could potentially take over the starting job from Harper after several games.




Round 5 (174)- Ty Montgomery WR / Stanford


A bit of a project and mostly a one trick pony with straight line speed, could be developed into our future kick returner and future replacement of Ginn.



Round 6 (201)- Christian Covington DT/ Rice


I really like Covington, talent wise he should be a 3-4 round pick in my opinion but health concerns might drop him into the 6th round. Covington reminds me of Dwan Edwards and would be a good developmental DT to give us some young depth.



Round 7 (243)- Justin Coleman CB / Tennessee


Good depth addition, played well at nickel at Tenn and would be an immediate special teams contributor.