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In Topic: Toyota RAV4

Today, 04:50 PM

Is the highland like in between a Rav and 4Runner? What exactly is the difference, I've just been looking at the two above, did one phase another out? I know a lot of companies like Acrura and the ILX are phasing other models out.


I dunno about the newer models but yea it's definitely bigger than the Rav4.  I've made great use of the cargo space over the years.


Edit: They still make all of them as far as I know

In Topic: Toyota RAV4

Today, 04:46 PM

I have an 05 Toyota Highlander, 124k miles, runs great.  Similar to the Rav.  Parents have an 08 Rav4 and they like it a lot, I've driven it a few times.  Kind of jerky to drive though, I like the V6 Highlander better, drives smoother.  But you're right it eats a bit more gas.  Can't go wrong with a Toyota.

In Topic: NFC South 7-round mock

Today, 04:37 PM

I don't think Kendricks lasts that long but I could definitely see the Panthers drafting him

In Topic: UPDATED: Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen, Luke Kuechly, Jonathan Stewart, Michael...

Today, 04:06 PM

Michael Oher needs to stand still.

In Topic: What if Mel Kiper was GM of the Panthers? Three Round Mock

Today, 12:18 PM

If Mel Kiper was GM of a team, they'd be the worst team in the NFL.