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Today was not on Delhomme at all

09 November 2009 - 03:38 AM

It wasn't Delhommes fault today!! If it was I would be the first to point that out but clearly he wasn't the issue. He only threw the ball 12 times in the first 3 quarters because he didn't need to. If we had complete control of the game why change what we were doing?

Today D. Williams REALLY hurt us with that drop in the endzone. That would have made it 24 13 and completely shifted momentum back in our favor. Delhomme did bobble the snap before but he still made a damn good read to find williams open who couldnt bring it in.
Also the fumble on the 1 yard line ended any hope of making a comeback from a game we had locked up in the first half.
D. Jarrett is another bust. They have touted him as being awesome in practice but he has yet to deliver. Had a beautiful pass go right through his hands. Could have changed the outcome.

J. Stewart ran like he didn't give a damn today and fumbled on the 16. Luckily gamble got that INT.

But clearly the one play that hurt was the Deangelo drop. That would have made it an 11 point game instead of 7.

The defense looked lost in the second half. I can't understand why because everything N.O was doing was very simple. They ran the same play twice for a huge gainer and completed multiple short screens that kept going for 10+ yards.

Today was def. not on Delhomme, surprisingly.

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