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In Topic: Richard Sherman talks about Cam Newton

12 January 2015 - 09:18 PM

Yeah I wish it was that simple. The Panthers sent three guys on vertical routes. That means we had 7 guys blocking. The Seahawks had a 3 man rush with two QB spies. Greg Olsen's linebacker might have not been a spy but effectively he was because Greg Olsen was blocking.

So it was 3 receivers vs 6 defensive backs. Cam thew to the guy in single coverage. Can't say I blame him.

I had the same impression live but recently saw a replay and Benjamin was wide open twenty yards downfield. It's a shame Cam didn't see him because he could have run for another 15 yards easy. Was right in front of Cam too - the only thing I can figure is Benjamin must have flashed open right after Cam decided to chuck it deep.

The other thing that surprised me is how little Cam got on the throw. It traveled a good distance but Philly stopped his route soon after the ball was in the air. I've got to think Cam was aiming further downfield and just didn't get the power he wanted. Maybe Cam's back flared up? It's obvious it was underthrown but on replay it looked like more than just a typical underthrow to me.

In Topic: Final Panther cuts 8-30-2014

30 August 2014 - 09:05 AM

Could King be a candidate for PS if he isn't picked up by another team?

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In Topic: We didn't do Cam any favors, and if this is it we're gonna have some...

11 May 2014 - 07:31 PM

Richardson and Hurst weren't even drafted. Turner was a 3rd round talent that went before our pick in the third round. Same with Moses. Like many, I was hoping a left tackle would fall to us but it just didn't happen. No one we drafted was going to start over Bell or Chandler at LT and most of those guys would have made bad RTs.

The pick I disagreed with was not drafting Fleming in the fourth. We need a RT and he seemed to fit the bill. But we worked him out so it's not like we didn't know about him. Our staff must have felt he wasn't a very good prospect - most Stanford OTs haven't lived up to their billing in recent years so who knows.

And I'm not sure why everyone is ignoring Tavares king. He was a fifth round pick we stole from the Broncos and might as well be viewed as being part of this draft class. Maybe Gettleman didn't feel some of those late round receivers were more deserving of a spot on our roster than King. After all, they've worked with him (and McNutt) and have seen them in practice - I take the front office not drafting a second receiver as a sign of confidence in those guys.

Lastly, drafting Ealy in the second a year ahead of when he will start (after CJ or Kraken are cut) will allow us to use that 2015 first rounder on another elite WR or LT for Cam.

In Topic: Day 3 Draft thread

10 May 2014 - 12:37 PM

We suck at 4th round picks.

In Topic: Lots of good guys left - Who is your favorite for 4th?

10 May 2014 - 07:27 AM

2 of Fleming, Hurst, and Desir is what I want. It would never happen under Gettleman, but I would love to package the 5 and 6 to move up if we could then secure two of those guys.