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In Topic: All jokes aside. Im really starting to think all the top WRs are gone by 25.

16 April 2015 - 07:52 PM

It won't matter about WRs because DG is picking a hog molly in the first.

But I think Strong will be there if we want him. He's a borderline first round talent and he could need surgery. That probably equates to him falling into the second round.

In Topic: Throwing down the gauntlet, at #25 I want one of these three guys

16 April 2015 - 07:40 PM

I would hate Strong or Melvin Gordon in the first. Strong wasn't worth the 25th pick even before we found out about the injury in my opinion.

I like Fisher but I don't think he fits Gettleman's type. I think Gettleman likes big hog molly tackles rather than the light athletic types (which haven't been great in the league despite being drafted very high in recent drafts).

I would be happy with Preston Smith. His athleticism is severely underrated. He's a better prospect than Ealy and it's not close. Together with Ealy our DEs could be set for a long time.

What's fun about the draft is that we can all have widely differing opinions. Personally, my three players would be Peat, Flowers, and Agholor. Preston Smith and Ogbuehi would be my backup picks (would love to trade up for Ogbuehi in the second round).

In Topic: Landon Collins possibly slipping to #25?

14 April 2015 - 08:10 PM

I like him more than Jaelen strong in the first. Which is to say I'll be very upset if either of those two are picked by the panthers in the first round.

If a top OT or WR (or Gurley) doesn't fall we should draft the best pass rusher available. That would do more to help our defense than drafting the next Mark Barron.

In Topic: Mayock: 2015 WR class has eight with 1st round grade

14 April 2015 - 07:46 AM

I too was a fan of Strong based on his highlight reel - but the more I watched the more I became convinced that he just isn't a first round talent. The below article does a good job of breaking down the issues in his game with film examples. It has been posted before but is worth posting again, I think.


And yes - it's bleacher report, but Fahey is actually a very good analyst.

In Topic: Mayock: 2015 WR class has eight with 1st round grade

12 April 2015 - 07:26 AM

Keary Colbert, 2nd round, 2004
Dwayne Jarrett, 2nd round, 2007
Steve Smith (NYG), 2nd round, 2007
R. Jay Soward, 1st round, 2000
Patrick Turner, 3rd round, 2009
Damian Williams, 3rd round, 2010
Mike Williams, 1st round, 2005.

Prior history proves there is a right to be skeptical.

Most of those busts came from a time with Southern Cal was dominating the PAC. Those WRs came in as hyped freshmen and immediately dominated with NFL caliber lines and QBs. Their success overshadowed their individual talent and led to them being overdrafted. That is obviously no longer the case. Also, it seems unfair to include Steve Smith on that list. He was a very good receiver until his career was cut short by injury.

Agholor is both quick and fast. He runs good routes and is a natural hands catcher. He creates separation and may be the best YAC receiver in this class (he was an RB in high school). He's also an accomplished returner.

In short, he probably fits our team better than any other receiver in this class. I'd love to draft a top OT in the first and trade up for Agholor in the second - but I'm not sure he'll make it out of the first anymore. I wouldn't be ecstatic with Agholor at 25 but thats primarily due to how badly we need an LT.