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"Lone Wolf" Terrorism.

23 October 2014 - 11:50 PM

Does seem to be a concern.  Growing number of incidents occurring.  Thoughts on how to stop the spread of this type of violent extremism?

The Positive Anti Racism Thread.

22 October 2014 - 07:45 PM

Alright all my black, white, indian, native american, jew, asian, polinesian, and latino brothers.  As a team we've got to pull together and show that despite mainstream media pushing these divisive stories to the forefront to make us hate each other (again) that we're all better  and smarter then that. There's a stronger racial cohesion in this country that isn't being talked about and it's being ignored because peace doesn't sell adds.  That racial cohesion that a lot of people sacrificed to build is trying to be torn down by manipulative forces at work trying to divide and conquer the American people.


Every single one of us have lived next to each other, gone to school together, and have worked together in a common society.  We've been friends, broken bread, and have drunk beer and have taken shots together.  Many soldiers (the military is extremely diverse) have fought and died together, and have fought and saved each other.


We all love our city and we love our team. We want the world to be a better place.  No more, as one unified American people can we afford to look into distant past and try to label a protagonist even if there is one.  It's a detractor from the ultimate goal.  Not many on here follow Jesus (it's your right), and that's ok, but most of us can agree that he said some pretty wise things.  One of them being...."Who can add a single second to their life by worrying."  I challenge all of us to stop worrying about what people that are long dead have done.  The spirits of those dead slavers do not live in the spirits of the living. Except some cops and really old people.


The focus should be on what makes us the same as people, which is much more plentiful then the things that make us different.  We should not lend credence to the actions of an irrational and stupid select few that seek to poison the well of tolerance.


All races need to get together and form a coalition of their own to call out the negative agenda designed to stunt our growth, divide, and limit all people. 



Keep pounding.

Extremely tired of hearing about Luck.

19 October 2014 - 11:14 AM

The Colts tanked for one year to get this guy.  He has three legit WR's and an under performing yet very talented RB.  Cam Newton has done more with less every year in the league and the media always brushes him off compared to Luck. 


I'm sitting here watching NFL network and they answer the question "Which young QB do you start a team with?" , There's not even a Cam Newton honorable mention.  I hope Cam shuts dem boys up today.



Carl Jung- Archetypes of Collective Unconscious.

15 October 2014 - 06:47 PM

      Pretty interesting psychological theory this guy laid out there long ago.  He basically describes that laying beneath the surface of the conscious and sub-conscious mind there exist another conscious that's composed collectively with everyone past or present.  He describes it as the collective unconscious. 


Analysis of his Theory:


     He contends that at birth, a newborn's mind is solely under the power of the collective unconscious and as the child gains more experience the collective unconscious begins to recess as the (sub)conscious form stronger.  He goes on to say that since children are more influenced by the collective unconscious mind it results in children being highly imaginative.  He says that the collective unconscious becomes more prevalent when a person is dreaming. He adds that while sleeping our (sub)conscious is more at rest allowing the collective unconscious to be more at the forefront.  So dreaming in essence is a hyper collaborative effort utilizing all three consciences. 


     He goes on to say that at birth that not only are the basic survival instincts  instilled, but also an instinctual idealism and perspective nature of the child.  Each set of ideals a child is born with is called an Archetype.  So for instance, a young child might already have an opinion on how his mother and father should treat him even before he should know how a parent is supposed to behave in society. How a mother (or father) treats their child creates certain emotional responses within the child based on the child's collective unconscious. This conscious battleground and how he copes is more specifically what an Archetype is described as.  Another archetype would be the voice we use inside our head to talk to ourselves about how we can improve and become a better people. The Ego, he contends, is what forms as a coping mechanism to close the gap between our ideals gathered in the collective unconscious and the contradictory information given to us through our experience. He says that healing is what takes place when we begin to closer merge the collective unconscious with the (sub)conscious.



     The implications of this theory is pretty astounding.  To think that collectively we all share part of our minds.  It also has huge implications in the field of sociology.   Just curious if any of you have read this guys stuff and what you think about it.



Stay classy huddle.








Hornets will actually be on TV tonight

13 October 2014 - 10:24 AM

Woohoo....first look at new unis.



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