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With Schedule Release Imminent, Make a Prediction

Yesterday, 12:39 AM

It's being reported the NFL schedule will be released in the very near future. I just wanted to list off our games. Give me some predictions for Home Opener, Season closer, Primetime Games.



Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers

Seattle Seahawks



Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals

Philadelphia Eagles


Top 10 Panther Jerks of All Time

04 March 2014 - 12:39 AM

I was listening to the radio today and Jim mentioned it would be hard to list the top 10 jerks in Panther history. Challenge accepted! Thought it would make a good March Topic.


1. Rae Carruth - Paid to have his wife murdered, that sums it up.

2.Kerry Collins - Racial slurs, alchohol abuse, wasted superb talent.

3. Shawn King - Couldn't put down the drugs

4. Todd Saurbrun- Known around town for being a terrible human being.

5. Sean Gilbert - Cripled the franchise with his lethargic play

6. Kevin Greene - Holds out for a pay raise 1 year removed from signing contract. Chokes coach.

7. Mark Fields - Allegedly beat up his ex-girlfriend

8. Jeremy Bridges - Arrested for fighting in an upscale restaurant and pooring champagne on the waiter.

9. George Seifert - Sucked the life out of the building.

10. Steve Smith - We all love Steve on the field but he's been a jerk plenty of times off the field. Most recently calling out retired Fred Smoot


Honorable Mentions: Jeremy Shockey, Jason Peters, Nate Newton




Harder than I expected, but had plenty of jerks to choose from.


Have any to add? Maybe in a different order?

Woman Claims Racism in Charlotte Bar

23 February 2014 - 04:27 PM




Vegan Blogger Gets Beaten Up By Bouncer At Dandelion Market … Or, What It Feels Like To Be a Victim of Racism and Bigotry in Charlotte, NC



The story is long and detailed but basically a woman claims she was beaten and thrown out of a bar for being with a Sikh man wearing a Turban. Customers were made uncomfortable by her boyfriend and a "he said, she said" ensued.


The Dandelion Market responded with a cold explanation of the evening in which they were removed for being drunk:


It is not the policy of Dandelion Market to respond to baseless accusations. Unfortunately, because of rather libelous accusations of certain individuals we feel it necessary to reach out to our friends in the community. We take the responsibility of serving alcoholic beverages very seriously and occasionally we have to make decisions in order to protect our business and livelihood, decisions that upset some of our customers. Unfortunately, the events that transpired on the evening of December 6th forced us to make decisions that certain individuals did not like.

Two individuals were observed and identified as extremely inebriated. After being informed that it was our policy that all patrons were to be awake and alert, one of the individuals was found asleep at a table that had been vomited on. At this point, the security staff asked the patrons to leave the premises. The two individuals protested their eviction but left together of their own will. Once outside the premises the individuals continued to protest and the female individual erratically forced her way back in only to be escorted out once more. Once outside the building the manager on duty explained that they were welcomed back at another time but they would not be allowed in again on that evening. The incident was concluded by several members of staff witnessing the intoxicated female stumbling and being held up by her friends while waiting on a taxi.

Days after the incident, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police visited us in regards to that evening. We shared the events as documented in our written incident reports which are recorded following any disturbance that requires the attention of our security staff. After looking into the matter, the police determined that there was no course of action to be taken. We have continued to be honest and forthcoming with the details of the incident. We refuse to get into an argument with individuals because they mistook our motives and actions.

The action taken by the staff and management were in no way motivated by race, gender or religious beliefs. Action was taken in an effort to ensure the safety of patrons and staff of Dandelion Market.

As afore mentioned, it is not our policy to respond to defamatory accusations. However, when we are being accused of questionable morals we feel it necessary to offer a statement to our friends in the community. At Dandelion Market we pride ourselves on being a productive part of our community. We serve and employ members of our community with a spirit of inclusion and respect. We are here to serve the whole community, and will continue to do so, proudly.



I really don't want this to end up in the Tinderbox. My goal with this thread is to hear from people that have been to the DM and get their opinion of the restaurant. Does this sound like something that would happen there? Have you seen something like this happen there? It's hard to know what to believe these days but If the story is true I think it's a real shame.

The Beauty of the Offseason

20 January 2014 - 02:34 AM

Ok, we all know the off season is a brutal time for us hardcore fans. But every once in awhile a blurb comes out, some guy posts "Super Bowl" and 7 months later that guy is starring for us.


February 7th 2013: Carolina Panthers sign Colin Cole




Ivan the Awesome:






At least it shows us they're looking at the problem. Hopefully they don't think their work is done with that issue though.




THE Colin Cole?




Gotta fill the Wofford dorm rooms


I'm not blaming anyone for their comments but they are amusing. This guy was a quality signing. Started 13 games, 9 tackles, 1 sack, kept our rotation fresh, stuffed the run, and most importantly he was not FUA. When Dwan Missed several games he stepped in and let our linebackers flow.



March 20th, 2013: Carolina Panthers Sign Mike Mitchell






awesome. Now just Ginn and Ill be content with this years FA considering our salary




well i mean it's a signing, but is it an improvement? doubtful.





He can hit really hard............

I think that's about it.....


Dash Global"


I think this guy would be a beast of a SS with the right coaching and scheme.


Here is a guy that won the confidence of the coaching staff through competition. He recorded 67 tackles, 4 sacks, 4 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles, 9 pass breakups. The huddle was mostly positive on him but most of us had no idea. I googled him to get the stats and came across this recent article in a Santa Clara newspaper: http://www.pressdemo...40119932#page=1


Needless to say raiders fans are shaking their heads as they read that.


So let's see what 2014 brings us. Hopefully a Right Tackle and some guys looking to prove themselves.

A Couple Thoughts From Inside the Stadium

12 January 2014 - 07:01 PM

I'd just go to go over some sights and sounds from inside the Stadium.


I sat in section 312, it was right next to the Vernon Davis TD catch. The crowd showed up early today. I was in my seat by noon and the stadium was half full by 12:30, very few empty seats by introductions. The crowd came out on fire, I honestly think we were louder for introductions than during the game, maybe people blew their load before the game because we didn't maintain the energy. It was really a sight to see, I'd say the stadium was 95% pro Panther and I got teary eyed seeing what our stadium is capable of. Nobody sat down in the first quarter around my section and I was in the club seats. It was disappointing we couldn't sustain that energy throughout the game, obviously it hurts when the defense gives up first downs.


I feel like our defense came out with too much edge. We always play on the edge and with it being the playoffs they went over the edge. Some of those penalties were soft. I get that. But they were also unnecessary. We didn't need to make that late hit or the headbutt by Captain. Our defense made several stops and penalties kept the drives alive. To me this is where our defense needs to mature. There is playing hard and there is playing reckless.


In the end this game down to one thing for me, the Panthers couldn't gain a yard and the 49ers could. We lost the battle in the trenches for whatever reason our defensive line wasn't good enough and our offensive line wasn't good enough.


Obviously the refs did us no favors but it was a team loss today. We had a team full of guys that just didn't get the job done with the exception of Steve Smith.....Steve Smith. He is a legend, he delivers for us over and over again. He's an old man on a gimp leg carrying our team. He is a Panther Hero.


And let's be clear about something, the team that beat us is good too. I don't like their attitude but everything we did was hard because they were good.


Our coaching staff needs to evolve. The same won't be good enough next year.


Was that Boo with the "KraKen Killt It No Spoon" sign?


I was upset the crowd left with 4 minutes left. Our chances of winning at that point were low but did you really have somewhere better to be? We have 8 months until preseason and you couldn't savor the last 4 minutes of one of our best seasons?


The fans that stayed until the end got a heartfelt applause from Steve Smith. He appreciated you guys.


Good season guys. I'm proud of the Panthers, all of them. I'm proud of Byron Bell, Cam, Steve, TD, the KRAKEN. You gave us a terrific season and I'm proud of you all.

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