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Day 2 Pictures From The Free Seats

27 July 2014 - 03:59 AM

It's pretty early in camp so I don't want to overdo the amateur analysis. Here are some pictures with a little context.
Cam's demise has been greatly exaggerated. He looked great today. Here he is with a patriotic look. He makes some odd alterations to his practice uniform and I've surmised he is removing the Nike branding. Under Armour can appreciate the dedication to his sponsors.

The photo doesn't do this justice. Cam's "space boots" sparkled brighter than a Kobe "I'm sorry" ring.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Sir Purr opens the 20th Training Camp In Spartanburg.


I love seeing these again.


Every Practice starts with a dud. Special teams and stretching. All the equity with your children evaporates. They will be in dgaf mode when the best part of practice begins.

Next the offensive line breaks into two groups. Ray Brown works with the "camp bodies". John Matsko instructs the projected contributors. Here is a look at Nate Chandler working on his technique at Left Tackle.


Amini Silatolu is back. Now with a knee brace.


John Matsko did not let anything slide with Trai Turner. He ran him through the same drill three straight times. Determined to get what he wanted from the Rookie.

Seconds later.


I don't have a ton of great shots of Kelvin Benjamin but I want to say this guy looks good out there. You can just look at him and say "whether this works out or not I get it. I totally get it". He fits in with the Tight Ends but lines up against the Cornerbacks. This picture shows him a few paces away from Mike Tolbert. #85 is Mike McNeil, our blocking Tight End whom is shorter and lighter than KB.


During Special Teams drills Kelvin Would Catch passes in the end zone from Cam and Derek Anderson. All of them thrown over the top with KB tapping his toes in bounds. There was no urgency or coaching. Just a couple guys getting in a little extra work.

Tiquan Underwood has dropped a few balls this camp but he looks most comfortable using his speed on crossing routes.


I snapped this picture because you are looking at a two tight end set with Mike Tolbert in the backfield. What happens next? I thinks it's pretty obvious. #19 Kealoha Pilares goes bombing down the seam for a long touchdown.


Here are a couple looks at our first team offense and defense squaring off.



This a cool image of a play because there is just so much going on. Just zoom in and look at all the moving parts and battles. My personal favorite is Amini Silatolu pulling from Left Guard. Something Travelle Wharton couldn't do with the same speed.


Here we see the NFL's best defensive line look at each other and say "You tackle him". Meanwhile Luke thanks Ryan for blocking him out of the play.

Cam throws a dart to KB.

This is the start to one of my favorite sequences. #13 Kelvin Benjamin lines up on #23 Melvin White.

#23 White drops into a deep zone, along with #20 Cason on the opposite side of the field. #59 Luke moves to take away Cotchery. KB runs a crossing route and pulls #58 Thomas Davis with him. #88 Greg Olsen runs at #41 Safety Roman Harper to keep him honest. Someone has not been accounted for..


Cam knows he's got em. He throws to Deangelo Williams in the flat with a nice pass. It would have been a big gain. Note Thomas Davis, brace free, about to turn his hips and chase down Deangelo.

Dave Gettleman was the Dark Knight. Not the GM we want him to be. The GM we need him to be. Here he jokes with two of his prized hog(mollie)s. #99 Short jumped butt to butt with Dave as if they had just sacked a qwattaback.


Thomas Davis talks to a Coach while Dave Gettleman sucks Football into his kishkes. Gettleman looks at home on the turf.

At first I cropped this image to feature Cam. But the people around him add something. He has a presence on the field. It's growing every year. Cam doesn't just do drills anymore. He leads them.

That about sums it up for day 2. I've got one last thing. Players that are nursing an injury generally don't spend an extra 10 minutes after practice on conditioning. And then sign Autographs for 30 minutes.


Visited the Hall Of Fame. Panthers Represent!

18 July 2014 - 12:38 AM

I've always wanted to pay a visit to the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. With our recent success I thought it might be a good time to check it out.
Let me start by saying I've always had this assumption Ohio was grey and miserable all the time. It was actually quite nice as you can see in the below pictures. There were rolling hills of green trees, blue skies, and a light breeze with temperatures in the low 70s.
We start with Johnny U. Best known for throwing a touchdown pass to Jerry Richardson in the 1959 NFL Championship Game.

As I followed the chronological order of the Hall it was difficult to find Panthers connections as we came into the league just 20 Years ago. One thing did catch my eye. A tribute to one of the greatest defenses of all time. Ron Rivera was a rookie learning the ropes and occasionally pitching in. His tackles were not recorded but he did register a 1/2 sack, interception, and fumble recovery.
As we get into the 90s our Franchise becomes part of history, joining the greatest sports league in the world. This ticket has some meaning to me as the Hall Of Fame Game is the day I became a Panthers fan.
As we go through the 90s and 00s our franchise receives no mentions as we failed to make a lasting impression. Reggie White had several photos and displays but never as a Panther (and rightly so).
As we get to the most significant recent moments a relic from Tampa is on display.

Yes, that is the ball Cam unselfishly gave to Katie Brown after breaking the record. The Panthers equipment staff quickly negotiated a trade and the ball now sits in the same room as Johnny Unitas's high tops.


Having finished the main historical section of the museum we head to see the Busts. It's a pretty cool feeling seeing them all as a whole but individually it's pretty unremarkable. The real excitement was watching these guys play. 
Mike McCormack
Reggie White
I have to say Ditka had the best bust. Only the Saints could make this man a loser.
Next we make our way to the "Pro Football Today" Exhibit. Here we find displays of achievement from the past 2 seasons.
Luke's uniform from his record breaking performance against the Saints is on display
Also on display are all 2014 First Round Draft Cards. I think this has been circulated before but it's pretty funny.
We finish up in the Hall of Super Bowl Champions. There is no joy in this room for Panther fans. There are some pictures of our 2003 team on a video kiosk but I rather not talk about it.
One last memento as we approach the gift store.
That pretty much sums up the Hall Of Fame from a Panthers fan perspective. I enjoyed learning about professional football as a whole and took pride in the representation of our organization. I've included several more pictures that I enjoyed.
Ever wondered what a Bill Belichek playbook looks like? Here is one from his Super Bowl win over the Bills as a Coordinator for the Giants. Maybe someday we will see his notes from our walk through in 2003.
Jim Brown is honestly the baddest man on the planet. Watching his NFL Films tape is like watching Super Man play Football in High School.
Contrary to popular belief, player safety has been an important issue since the earliest days of football. The rule changes today are not a sign of the "softness" of our society. There was a time when men scoffed at face masks because they were for "wimps". Note the equipment hanging around these players necks. Those are "helmets". Designed to protect the nose from retreating into the brain. 
If only I could buy season tickets for 10 times what the Bears were asking for in 1928. I wonder what a Beer cost?
Marion Motley is one of my favorite players to watch in the old NFL Films shows. A 270 lb Fullback with a mean streak.
While Reggie White made a name for himself in Philadelphia and Green Bay. He left and played hist last snaps in Charlotte. He chose to make Charlotte his home until his tragic death in 2004.
This silly drug store toy inspired the name of the greatest day on the American Sports calendar.
And finally we come to Cleveland. As I said before I was shocked at how wonderful the weather was in Ohio. It inspired me to head to Cleveland and see Great Lake Eerie. As I approached the city clouds descended. It was like a cartoon cloud that followed a sad person. The city is filthy and full of abandoned buildings. Every corner has a sketchy bar. The water is dark, the skies are grey. The city is the epitome of misery. I can see why Lebron claims to be from Akron where the sun shines brightly. I'm glad I went just to confirm every story was true and understated.

Visiting the Pro Football HoF, any Advice?

07 July 2014 - 04:57 PM

Hey guys I am heading to Canton, Ohio next week. I've always wanted to go and I heard Luke Kuechly has a display as the Defensive Player of the Year so I am making the trip.


If anyone has advice on things to do in Canton, let me know. Maybe there is a bar where Hall of Famers have met up for the past 40 years....that kind of stuff. Or just a good place to get dinner. 


I've heard the Hall of Fame is rather underwhelming, some people only spend an hour or two there. I'm a huge fan of history and football, if you guys think I will need more than a 1 day pass let me know.


If you guys have been and there is any other advice, I'd appreciate it.

Parody of ESPN WC Coverage

07 July 2014 - 03:43 PM



I thought it was funny. Pretty accurate too.

Yedlin Could Be the First To Cash In

06 July 2014 - 04:08 PM

DeAndre Yedlin is currently making $92k a season. To put that in perspective, Team USA players made $76k for playing in the group stages and received a undisclosed bonus for advancing out of the group of death. Is it any wonder athletes flock to other sports when one of the United States brightest young stars is making $92k a year...


The good news is the European clubs were impressed with his athleticism and mentality. Yahoo is reporting that AS Roma has already put in a substantial bid and his transfer is almost finalized. The transfer fee is believed to be in the region of $8m which the player is entitled to 10% of. So DeAndre Yedlin had projected earnings of $92k 2 months ago. If the estimates hold true, he made $900k in three substitute appearances. Obviously a big club like Roma will raise his salary considerably as well.


Here is the catch. He probably won't play. It's being reported that he will be allowed to remain in the MLS for the remainder of the season before joining Roma. To me this says they intend to use him only as a reserve for this season and maybe a few more seasons. Going to big clubs is always difficult because they bring in 4 DeAndre Yedlins every season. He could never see the field and it could make it difficult for him to develop. I always thought the biggest mistake Oguchi Onyewu made was going to Milan to loiter on the bench. 


But it's a risk he has to take. The money he will make off the transfer fee alone is an enormous windfall for the young man. 


I am curious to see if anyone else has a big World Cup cash in. James has to be on everyone's radar.





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