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#2302680 My Early Training Camp, Pre-Season 53*

Posted by SetfreexX on 28 July 2013 - 05:05 PM

Worthless thread, might as well write "my opinion that I want other people to care about!"

Really it's what day 2,3? Of TC? So why should I even care right now?


You didn't have to read the thread, it's title clearly stated the purpose, if you don't care don't take the time to read or offer a worthless comment. 


Also I prefaced my post with "It's Sunday, I'm bored..." I'm sure my opinion like many will change as the off-season continues, this is just where I'm at after catching up on the write ups. Also "most fans began caring way before right now..."--just saying.

#2302639 My Early Training Camp, Pre-Season 53*

Posted by SetfreexX on 28 July 2013 - 04:42 PM

It's Sunday, I'm bored and all I've been doing is catching up on TC write-ups provided by our fortunate brethren here and over at an inferior site...Here's my take "thus far" on our 53...


All in depth chart order-



C. Newton

D. Anderson

J. Clausen (wraps up final year of his rookie deal iirc)




J. Stewart

K. Barner (3rd down/receiving threat we've been looking for)



M. Tolbert 

R. Brockel



S. Smith

B. LaFell

T. Ginn (big play ability out weighs the occasional drop given our roster)

D. Hixon (veteran depth, but oft-injured)

A. Edwards (I don't think he makes the team next year though)

D. Gettis (I think his size/speed/potential buy him another year)



G. Olsen

B. Harstock

N. Rosario (along with Barner I'm hoping he surprises a lot of us in the passing game)



J. Gross

B. Campbell (The future???)



B. Bell

G. Williams



A. Silatolu



G. Hangartener

E. Kugbila



R. Kalil

J. Beyers (rotational G, to save additional roster spot)



C. Johnson

F. Alexander



G. Hardy

M. Addison



S. Lotulelei

D. Edwards

K. Short (will see a lot of 3rd and pass snaps with 3 DE's)

F. Kearse (I like his size/youth and the fact he has some NFL exp over Gaydosh/Cole)



T. Davis

J. Senn



L. Kuechly

C. Blackburn



J. Beason

A. Klein



D. Florence (exp vet stop gap)

C. Munnerlyn (Capt. as has been plays the nickel vs 3WR)

J. Norman

J. Thomas

J. Dockery  (I'm intrigued by his size and play last year--6'1 it's needed as WR's  seem to get bigger)



C. Godfrey

C. Jones (ST's ace, that's about it)



M. Mitchell (I think his physical play-style eventually supplants Campbell)

D. Campbell (Only other S who could likely back up Godfrey in case of injury--Lester was a FS at ALA however)

R. Lester (with an increase of teams using 3 WR sets and still maintaining a run threat I expect to see more "big nickel" sets defensively to match up, which increases need at SS)



G. Gano



B. Nortman



J. Jansen



K. Barner



T. Ginn


Key Departures-


T. Poole-With Williams/Stewart/Barner/Tolbert ahead of him I just don't think his game is dynamic enough to keep a spot on the 53.


K. Pilares-One of my favorites but his lack of size and the additions of Hixon/Ginn, new talent at KR/PR, and the potential emergence of AE and there's just no room.


J. Adams-See Pilares


C. Cole-With a youth movement at DT and NT locked down by Star, it seems more valuable to continue with Kearse as the back up he's  been solid and is an impressive space eater at 6'5 325+


J. Williams-With the additions of Klein, and Blackburn along with the "Beasts" return there just isn't enough room


D.J. Moore-I think Norman, Thomas, and Dockery bring more to the table, and that Moore was signed originally as a Capt replacement (he's 5'8) before Capt resigned. Coupled with Florence/Capt's nickel experience I don't see a place for him in the secondary. 


H. Nakamura-Accept it he failed....miserably and he's not gonna eventually develop into a starter. Time to move on I remember a post with a quote on an inferior site after we signed Naka by his former head coach (J. Harbaugh) that basically said, "he's good but only on ST's" (coming from an eventual SB ring bearer)--For what it's worth I didn't even start this man on Madden lol, he was my 1st cut (I paid the cap penalty proudly :) ).


Hope you enjoyed my write-up, and I can't wait, because now that training camp has begun the season will be here before you know it!

#2302593 Ruff's 7-28 Camp Observations

Posted by SetfreexX on 28 July 2013 - 03:53 PM

I remember when I posted that Oregon vs USC game where Barner had like 350 yards and 5 tds and people told me it was just the system and he looked slow. lol


And like rayzor said, Barner is gonna be a chess piece. I don't think he can pass block very well yet.


How anyone could look at him play and think he's slow is beyond me, Wasn't he clocked with 4.3's speed in the 40!?

#2217126 So Many Are Worried About Our Offense...I Just Don't See The Problem

Posted by SetfreexX on 29 April 2013 - 11:46 AM

The offense averaged 28.8 ppg (through the final 6), compared to 18.8 (through the first 10)...There was a graphic that displayed during the draft (Rd 1 I believe) that illustrated this. All this uproar about weapons, weapons, weapons is currently unwarranted.

When Chud got his head out his ass trying to run the read option as our base running game and we returned to more traditional runs the offense became much more effective, opening up play-action opportunities and easier reads as defenses had to begin to respect the run.

We've all seen what out WR's/HB's can do when healthy, and properly utilized-

Smitty: +1,100 yds each the last two seasons

Olsen: 843 yds (as the feature TE, ranked 10th best in the NFL at the position http://www.footballn...rankings/22410/ )

LaFell: 677 yds (in his first full season as a starter as the 3rd option)

Hixon: 567 yds as the 3rd option in an crowded NYG receiving corps.

Gettis: 508 yds in his lone healthy season, with a revolving door full of untalented QB's as the 2nd/3rd option during the lame duck season and "Fox Ball" (ACL-now two yrs removed should be at 100%--Gettis is my X-Factor this season, and Panthers come back player of the year)

Factoring in an infusion of talent in our return men roles with the additions of Ginn and Barner, as much as Adams may improve I think he'll like just spell those two. But even in that scenario our offense should enjoy better field position from an improved special teams unit.

So while we did not draft offensively the way many of us were thinking/hoping (myself included), we really aren't as weak on offense as many of our fellow huddler's/experts would expect you to believe.

And keep in mind everything above does not even include getting Kalil back on the O-Line, and Williams/Stewart/Tolbert all coming back healthy, homerism aside I'd say any defensive coordinator is going to have their hands full scheming to keep all the talent we have in check.

#2134898 Alternate Solutions to the Crowded Backfield

Posted by SetfreexX on 14 February 2013 - 10:41 AM

Been reading all the comments lately about Stew's re-structure and everyone wanting to cut D-Will. But Williams was our most consistent back, and has been. Stewart has been hurt each of the last couple of seasons and as a feature back can we depend on him to hold up managing the bulk of the carries?

D-Will has always expressed his interest in staying and I don't see why he wouldn't be open to a re-structured deal as well given the signing bonus he received last season...

I'd be curious to know how much cutting Tolbert would free up, in conjunction with a Williams re-structure. As much as I like Tolbert his role was limited until Stew's injury, and I don't think the offense would miss him. Broeckel, or another FA could fill the H-Back role at a cheaper rate.

I just don't think we should split up one of the best rushing tandems if we can work around it, especially witht the commitment we saw to running the ball traditionally the last half of the year. IMO you cannot ignore Williams' production if a re-structure is available.

Just my .02.

#1976495 Would you like to keep Rivera

Posted by SetfreexX on 02 November 2012 - 02:53 PM

Has that ever even happened in the NFL....there is no way if i got fired as a coach I'd stay on as the DC. That scenario doesn't even begin to make sense. Keeping assistants, that happens, but you don't see coaches coming back to the same team with a lesser role.

#1947193 If you were tasked with fixing this team what would be your approach?

Posted by SetfreexX on 15 October 2012 - 10:52 AM

I am very happy none of you run this team.

#1902408 Brandon LaFell

Posted by SetfreexX on 16 September 2012 - 03:35 PM

I just wonder where the hell did Murphy go?

Seemed to me that the focus game-plan wise was to run the ball, even Olsen only had one catch, and if I'm not mistaken one target as well. As much as I'd like to see guys shine at the receiving positions down 0-1, I'm happy to just get a division win...not to mention Tampa Bay lost.

#1865823 I've got madden already, got any questions?

Posted by SetfreexX on 20 August 2012 - 11:53 AM

what's new in the Panthers' offensive and defensive playbook?

and customized playbooks, can you set your own audibles?

I will answer your questions based off the info from E3, here's a vid of Carolina's PB (this is my site for our Madden Leagues), and custom playbooks have been taken out completely from the information given for this year.


Embedded fro those at work:

To the OP-this link is how I hope if you are being true you handle the Huddler's requests.


#1865735 I've got madden already, got any questions?

Posted by SetfreexX on 20 August 2012 - 10:21 AM

Because some of us sleep and have other jobs. Doesn't school start today?

But you have time to play and review video games, and write articles, and post on a forum, as well as time to let people know to ask you about the game and you'll answer said questions, but when asked for details you disappear, then say you don't have time....Oh I see, but wait, you have to sleep, and work, and oh wait isn't school tomorrow, what are you 16?...uploading an img via a smartphone literally takes less than two minutes. Consider the BS flag in full flight.

#1865716 I've got madden already, got any questions?

Posted by SetfreexX on 20 August 2012 - 10:10 AM

I'm with Catz fan on this one, we both post on OS (OperationSports) and it's an issue yearly some person whose intentions we do not necessarily know makes this blanket statement "I have the game, ask me etc...."

I've reviewed this entire thread and he has said nothing that is not already available via sites like EAsports.com, google and OS. He has not listed anything in detail, he could simply submit a pic of himself holding the actual disc, as well as provide pics/ratings details of positions players that have not been released like Frank Alexander, Jordan Gross, etc. EA has already released the QB/HB/WR/TE ratings.

To Zod and the others has he really proven anything to this point....oh and btw there is a pic with the Panthers Blue jersey with BLACK pants. It's been available since the E3 convention June 4th. He said in one of his posts that Carolina only had the regular uniforms we're used to. See video at 19:56 it's where they show Carolina's uniform options....if he had the game he could easily have verified this. It's pretty obvious IMO he was just internet wolfing (crying wolf aka lying).



If you click the second link it jumps straight to that part of the video just an FYI. Also note the videos publish date.....

Published on Jun 9, 2012 by K0ACHK

#1843885 Once you're gone, you're gone, as Jeff Otah will find out

Posted by SetfreexX on 02 August 2012 - 09:24 AM

I just hate that we may not get anything for him...

Sure we did, plenty of disappointment, fat jokes, things to keep us busy when bored, he even gave us the hope that he was gone.

#1843822 Louis Murphy

Posted by SetfreexX on 02 August 2012 - 08:48 AM

I'd like to see LaFell as that 'larger' slot WR matched up vs the smaller DB's personally. I think he and Olsen could really work the shallow/intermeiate routes while Murphy and Smith keep the safeties occupied high and outside.

Once the defense begins to account by leaving single coverage on the edges both our outside options have the ability to take the top off the defense. Murphy I think is what we saw flashes of out of Gettis back in 2010, Murphy seems to be the more physical one based on what I've read, while Gettis is just slightly bigger.

#1840088 My Nightmare

Posted by SetfreexX on 30 July 2012 - 10:18 AM


Electric Blue.

#1792852 Building Off "Wrinkles to the Offense" CSR Presents: "Playing Wit...

Posted by SetfreexX on 05 June 2012 - 08:21 AM


Yesterday I took a look at one specific play Gus Malzahn used with Cam Newton at Auburn, and how it appears the Panthers are building the personnel needed to run the 'inverted veer' option play in the NFL. I hope that brief snippit whet your appetite, because today we're looking in-depth at the blocking needed to run these plays with success- the 'Power O'.

The basis of 'Power O' has been around for a while, but has been used to great effect by Joe Gibbs and his Washington Redskins, Bill Cowher in Pittsburgh and it's part of the reason Auburn and Florida have had so much recent success running the football. The principles behind the blocking scheme are simple- send as much strength to one part of the field as possible. The basic idea is to overwhelm a defense with blockers, and open up holes for runners; simple in practice, not so easy in reality.

After the jump we'll look at what makes the Power O tick, and which Panthers' offensive linemen become of vital importance to run this package.

Posted Image

A traditional 'Power O' in a two tight-end, fullback set. (Picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

The first thing you might notice about this figure is how important the left guard, and fullback are in making this work. Firstly, the FB has arguably the hardest job in the play because his job is to get out of his stance and single block the strongside defensive end who is given free release by the RT and TE. If the fullback can seal the DE then he's done everything asked of him.

To this end the acquisition of Mike Tolbert was of vital importance. Not only does Tolbert have the blocking ability to hold up his end in this play, but the offensive ability to be a Swiss Army knife in other formations. Time will tell if Tolbert's value shows up on a box score, but I'm fairly confident he'll make a huge impact for the Panthers.

Then we come to the left guard- Amini Silatolu's role. As described yesterday in the inverted veer, his job is to quickly head right at the snap and become a second lead blocker. When he hits the second level he is charged with demolishing the outside linebacker. This is gap is opened by the right tackle, and right guard- the former takes the 3-technique DT, and the latter assists in the block before moving on to block the MLB, or safety where needed.

Here is where you need smart, heads-up linemen at the LT and RG spots. At both positions you need linemen who are able to quickly identify 'need' blocks, and rather than handle a specific player. As you can see above- neither the left tackle, nor the right guard are asked to handle a standard block. Instead, the LT gets as deep as possible and handles whoever is sliding over. On most occasions this will be the weak side linebacker, but he can also assist with the middle linebacker if needed. The right guard can help with the DT, but also handle the MLB or a roving safety. In these roles it makes sense to have the most experienced, veteran linemen in these roles- which is natural for Jordan Gross and Geoff Hangartner.

Finally we have the running back- and in a traditional, I-form Power O this is a bread and butter play for Jonathan Stewart. In yesterday's look at the inverted veer option it was DeAngelo Williams who better fit the role of a speedy, twitch RB who could move laterally on the sweep. In this play you need a no-hesitation, powerful North-South runner. Provided the linemen can get decent blocks there is almost no way a defense can stuff a play with Tolbert and Silatolu lead blocking for Stewart on the power O.

Unless you're Rob Chudzinski, or have a copy of the Panthers' playbook in your hand all of this is just spit-balling. However, it's a somewhat educated guess based on the moves we've seen the Panthers make. In order to allow the Power O to work Carolina needed two things- a solid fullback, and an athletic left guard. Both of these positions were solidified in free agency and the draft. This is a blocking scheme that was used in Cleveland, and again in San Diego- so it's easily inside the scope of this staff's history to continue the trend. It's a far cry from the boring, zone blocking schemes we saw from Jeff Davidson, and offers an easy way to add different looks to the offense. We'll get a true sense for the offensive fronts in Spartanburg.

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